Monday, January 7, 2013

Baby Sister in the Tummy

I'm a Big Sis!
When baby sister was still in Mama's tummy, we had a photo shoot to capture the memories of the pregnancy together with me, Mama and Dada. It was a fun afternoon and I gave baby sister in the tummy lots of bear hugs! Here are some of our pictures.

Sandwiched by Mama and Dada's kisses!

 I think I can hear and feel baby sister!

Our family photo :)

That's baby sister in there at 35 weeks old.

Oops, I think baby sister is a bit heavy now Mum! 

Me and Mama almost tummy to tummy!

Had so much fun that day! I couldn't wait for my new playmate to arrive then  
and now my baby sister Natalie is here!:)
Thank you Tita Sheila for taking our awesome photos! 


  1. The pictures are beautiful! :) YOU are beautiful, Cecil. And of course, Audrey! :)

  2. what amazing photos! you have a beautiful family! =)