Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Four-Day Birthday Affair

    A week ago I celebrated my ___th birthday J (just fill in the blanks – the lower the number, the better! Hahaha!) It was practically a 4-day affair and I honestly had so much fun! I was able to do what I loved doing best – spent time and celebrated my birthday with my loved ones, had a family day out with my husband and girls, and ate! Hmm, make that capital A-T-E – I love eating ;P hehehe!
    We started off the celebration on the day of my birthday with an early dinner at our house. I made roast chicken and pasta, and my family brought so much more food. Can’t really complain about that! ;) Also had my favorite cake of all time to complete the menu – Estrel’s caramel cake! Sigh! It’s been years since I had this cake so I tried my best to wipe out the main course quickly to get to dessert (to no avail hehehe). Everyone literally waited in anticipation just to get a bite of this cake. Needless to say, our mini party was a lot of fun, especially for the kids who were playing together the whole time.
    The next day, my husband said it’s time for us to try out Sambokojin for my extended birthday celebration. Our friends have been raving about this all you can eat Japanese Korean grill buffet and it didn’t disappoint. I had my share of unlimited sushi and my favorite salmon sashimi, so with this alone I think I pretty much covered what we had to pay for for me hehe. They also had all these Korean appetizers, and a lot of selections for the seafood and meat that you can grill right on your table. There were also cooked Japanese dishes available and the dessert buffet was quite generous. I loved the mocha and chocolate ice cream the best (with rainbow sprinkles and gummy bears!). And although Audrey could eat for free, I think she would have made the most out of her meal even if she was charged for it. We went home full and happy, not to mention sleepy J
    Day 3 was my favorite. We planned a day of swimming and outdoor fun! Since my husband was swimming with Audrey, I was able to sneak out a little “me time” hahaha! This not so usual me time was just a couple of laps in the Olympic sized pool. I just wanted to have some serious cardio exercise done after all the eating I did hehehe. After that, I went back to the kiddie pool to join my family for the rest of the morning. We had snacks and ate a late lunch, and just basically hung out as a family. It was the perfect day. Spending time with my three favorite people in the world is what I consider fun J
     Afterwards, we visited my sister in law Patty who just had surgery done almost two weeks ago. Our merienda plan turned into early dinner with our in laws who brought my other favorite cake – Polly’s chocolate cake! This is the best moist chocolate cake that you could possibly have (I’ve tried others and they don’t quite measure up hehe) And so yes, the celebration wasn’t over yet. We had fun hanging out and playing bubbles with Audrey. Natalie was her usual jolly and easy self so Mommy was relaxed and stress free ;)
     As our weekend came to a close, there was just one last place that we wanted to try. Yushoken had just opened in Alabang so we decided to try out their ramen for dinner. The four of us went out again and ordered ramen, gyoza and chahan (Japanese fried rice). The ramen was good, but Santouka ruined every other ramen for us! It’s this small ramen place in Vancouver, BC that we went to last summer, with the best miso ramen we’ve tried. But… the gyoza and chahan here was really good! I would go back even just for the gyoza alone hehehe. It’s the best I’ve had here in Manila (almost as good as the one that I had in this small resto in Shanghai J I’m happy I’ve finally found something very close to how that one tasted). So we capped the night off with a pearl milk tea for me and then headed home.
    My four day celebration was really a lot of fun. Spending quality time with those who matter in my life and celebrating my birthday with them means a lot to me. I am one who enjoys the simple pleasures in life and having my family around me is what makes me really happy.


Celebrating (and eating) with family!

Fun outdoors! :)

My three favorites! The most important people in my life :)

     So based on what you’ve read, you can probably conclude that I’m a foodie. Why, yes I am hahaha! In fact, if I wasn’t an architect, my dream job would be to be a food critic J


  1. Ey! Happiest birthday wishes to you, Cecil! Wishing you a year-round of good vibes. :)

    Au Manalo

  2. Belated happy birthday! That's why your husband looks so familiar. Brother pala siya ng husband ni patty laurel (the other blog that I also follow).