Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Foiled Again

       Thinking of a surprise for your loved ones this Valentine's Day? Parents of Toddlers...Beware!!! Toddlers can't keep secrets! Hahaha! You might as well just tell your loved ones what you're up to if your toddler is involved in it or if he or she somehow knows about it.   
      Just yesterday, Audrey and I did our usual arts and crafts activities - but we made something extra special... A surprise Valentine's Day card for Dada. I helped Audrey by cutting out different colored hearts, and she put them all together in a construction paper card of her chosen color - red  (how appropriate hehe). She then spiced it up some more by painting on it. (Will post pics of it on Thursday J)
      But in the afternoon, while Daddy was busy checking out his phone for messages, Audrey just kept blurting out repeatedly, "Dad, have a Valentine's card!"...and she didn't stop until Dad finally figured out what she was saying and went "huhhh??" with a smile. He was so amused he had to tell me he already knew! (and that's why I'm able to write about it now too hahaha!) She even told him what color it was and what we put in it. So much for the surprise! ...Foiled again!!! (just like the birthday card we made for him before hahaha). Oh well! :D

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