Monday, February 25, 2013

Paint the Day Away

       One of my favorite activities with Audrey is painting. I think toddlers make great abstract artworks! They're not afraid to use different color combinations or apply them one on top of the other. I just love seeing the finished product every single time. 
       To make painting as hassle and mess free as possible you may want to get your little ones a smock to protect clothes (and it can double as a cover for haircuts done at home) and make sure the paint you use is washable paint. I also have tissues and wipes handy in case Audrey wants to clean up her hands asap (like she always does!).

I taught Audrey to experiment with different brush strokes so she can come up with different designs and I let her do it all by herself. I also let her pick the colors that she wants to use and ask her the name of the color each time so she can familiarize herself with them as well. All of Audrey's artworks are made based on her own ideas and style! I am just her coach and assistant :) (and mess patrol - thus, the clean table in these pictures)

Ta-Da! One of Audrey's paintings! It's a good idea to put the date on your toddler's artworks so that you can check and see how their work has evolved through time... that's if you decide to keep them like what I'm doing :)

The happy artist!


  1. Hi, Cecil. Belated happy birthday to Natalie! :)

    Anyway, just wondering where did you get that Audrey's using here in one of her arts & crafts sesh with you? :)

    1. Hi Au, thank you! If you meant the washable paint, you can buy the Rose Art brand poster paint - I got it from Rustan's but they're out of stock there and found them too recently at Robinson's Department Store and Metro Dept Store when I needed washable paint for Audrey's 3rd Bday Party :)