Monday, February 18, 2013

Trips and Travels

   I don't know exactly what it is that just fascinates me about traveling. Maybe it's the idea of seeing something new... experiencing different cultures... admiring the architecture... seeing nature's wonders... tasting the food oh yummy food!... exploring and going on adventures... learning new things... the making of unforgettable memories... having a collection of pictures that tell stories... 
  Whatever it may be - and it could very well be all of the above, I just hope I won't ever have a reason to stop traveling. 
   Hope you join me as I share most of these stories and experiences here soon :) 

Here are some of the many pictures that were taken during trips that my husband and I went on together -
and Audrey and Natalie (while in the tummy) was able to go with us during the most recent one!

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