Friday, March 1, 2013

Barnyard Fun

     I love DIY projects and Audrey's First Birthday Party gave me the chance to make good use of my love for arts and crafts. The theme for her party was based on what she was "into" at the time - which were animals. So I thought of coming up with a farm theme and called it Barnyard Fun. See photos below :)

We had the party at Gymboree which was a lot of fun because they have an activity during the party just for kids of a specified age - so we picked the one suited for toddlers since most of Audrey's guests were in that age range.
The kids can also use the play area during  party hours.

Photos above by Catilo Photography and Lemarc Limosnero

My DIY mini barn, banderitas, cake stand and table setup. The animal crafts above are care of my good friends Marge, Patty and Dre.

Our super cute and yummy cake (with Audrey's favorite animals) by Erika of Bohemia Cakes, cupcakes by moi, and milk bottles and giveaways.

The birthday celebrant :)

Photos of Audrey in the play area and enjoying the party activities.
She loved the bubbles and almost ate them -
which was okay because we found out that they were actually edible! They were made of sugar :)

The activities encouraged not just learning but parent-child interaction :)

Arts and crafts for the kids, plus toppings for the DIY cupcake design.

All party photos above by Catilo Photography

The older kids were busy with coloring, crafts and decorating their own cupcakes which they could take home after the party.

Photos by Catilo Photography and Lemarc Limosnero

Our family photo :)


  1. Hi! May i ask what Gymboree branch you celebrated the birthday? Thanks!