Saturday, March 23, 2013


    I had so many things on my mind yesterday. And it had a lot to do with what I am supposed to do today.
    I have an opportunity to get involved in some projects which will pay well if I get them and they didn’t really require much effort on my part. All I need to do is go out today to attend a couple of meetings. Sounds pretty good and convenient enough, so it was tempting.
    But behind all of these enticing thoughts, I remembered Natalie. My baby who is nearly 6 months old. Who will take care of her if I get these projects and was required to work not just a few hours away from home but possibly more? She was still breastfeeding and needed me most of the time (I’m a hands on mom so my girls have no yaya). Audrey is more independent now so it's easy enough to leave her at her cousin's place, but I didn’t leave her to do a project requiring me to be out the whole day until she turned one.
     My husband also told me that if I went ahead and pursued these projects today with Natalie in tow, she might get too tired. First, I know that I should listen to my husband. Second, he said that it might be stressful and he has a point. Is it worth all the trouble to tire my little baby out? I don't think so.
     And early this morning, at 3:30am to be exact - I woke up and prayed. I asked the Lord about things, and this was one of them. Should I even consider this opportunity that may eventually pass me up? Well, God’s answer was simple: 'What is the order of your priorities?'
 It should be this and it is: 
      God, my husband, my children, my work. 

    So with this alone, my decision was obvious. In this particular situation, I would be honoring God by listening to my husband and taking care of my baby's needs before choosing work. It was that easy.

Making the right decision is easy when you know what your priorities are.


  1. Good decision. I hope when I have my own family, I will always be able to apply the same too. Thank you for your inspiring entries :)

  2. You are my idol :) inspired today by your blog. Keep us posted everyday..
    Love lots,