Friday, March 29, 2013

For God So Loved


       Have you ever paused to think about what this verse really meant? Today I have. And I can’t even try to put myself in God’s place, even on my mind.
       To be honest, I as a parent cannot even think of doing something like this. I cannot allow my child to suffer for the sake of the undeserving. I cannot allow my child to take on the blame for something she did not do. I am sure any other parent like me wouldn’t.
       And even if I knew that my child will rise up on the third day, just the thought of her suffering at all would really really break my heart. I will not be able to survive this – I would much rather take her place. Seeing her in pain is so much more difficult and painful for me, than being in pain myself.
     But that is what God did for us. He did the unthinkable. In His sovereignty and majesty, He allowed himself to experience this indescribable pain for our sake. He did what any normal parent would not do – willingly allow their child to pay for someone else’s debts – someone else’s sins, just so He can look at us with eyes that are filled with love for a child - His son Jesus – who took our place and who became sin for us.
       And now our heavenly Father can love us with the same love that He has for His son. A parent loving a child – the greatest love that could possibly exist on this earth. He knew that it is only through Jesus that He could love us again after our disobedience. And He continues to love us every single day. 
      What a wonderful, loving, merciful and gracious Father we have. Thank you God for all that You have done for us.

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