Monday, March 4, 2013

I Love Babies Because...

                                                   Photo by Catilo Photography

      I Love Babies Because...
      They smell good
        They're soft and cuddly
        They have smooth supple skin
        They're the only ones who look cute with toothless smiles
        Their laugh is so infectious
        Their short arms wrap exactly right around your neck
        They have cute hands and feet
        Their little fingers can grip yours so tightly
        They love being held
        They kick their legs when excited
        Their clothes are so small and cute
        They don't really need shoes
        They make you think breast milk is happy milk
        They're cute and funny when they fart and aren't embarrassed by it
        They're soft and flexible yet not as fragile as you would think
        It's ok if they put their toes in their mouth
        They're always happy to see their reflection in the mirror
        Their breath always smells sweet
        They stare at your face with loving eyes
        You can sing and kiss them to sleep and they won't complain
        Talk to them and they'll just listen
        They think you have a good singing voice even if you really don't
        You're their favorite playmate
        You're their best teacher
        They're most dependent on you at this stage of their lives
        They're a miracle.

Inspired by Natalie

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