Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Mini Architect

      Say hello to our newest favorite educational toy! We totally love these soft wood blocks! They not just promote creativity and good balancing skills, but they are also safe for kids. 
     When I first saw them at the Taste Central website, I said to myself that I have to have them! Audrey just loves stacking blocks and things! We noticed that she was blessed with balancing skills even before she turned two, and so these toys would continue to encourage her to practice. 

The little girl in the Weplay packaging reminds us of Audrey! 
Ahh this was meant to be haha!

Look who's excited to play! (both girls! :D)

The mini architect is busy at work with this tall and interesting structure!
No help from mom here - I promise!

Audrey's been making her own towers since she was a year and a half, and she
still does it till now. Just put anything in front of her that she can stack up! 

       I just love that these blocks are really safe for my girls! They're odorless, non-toxic and oh so soft! They look so much like wood that they can fool you into thinking that the corners are sharp - but they are not at all! So I'm not worried even if Audrey plays with them near or with Natalie. 

    And I think Natalie likes them too! :)

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