Thursday, March 14, 2013

Torn Paper Mosaic

      Time for arts and crafts! For this activity, I taught Audrey how to tear paper - a skill that supposedly prepares toddlers for using scissors. We just got different colored bond size construction papers and a big white one to serve as the canvas where we'll be sticking the torn pieces of colored paper on. And of course, we had our paste and glue.
         Since I gave Audrey the go signal to tear away, this left me some time to breastfeed Natalie until we had enough pieces of paper to almost cover our whole canvas (so this is a good activity to do if you can't supervise your toddler the whole time and can only watch from a distance).

Here is Audrey with her torn pieces of paper and her fave Dora glue stick :)

Busy sticking the paper pieces!
Encourage your toddler to stick the papers on by themselves and come up with their own design.

The finished product up close

All smiles! :) Audrey's happy with her work!

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