Monday, April 22, 2013

Snapshots from a Surprise Party

    Last week, one of my favorite Titas celebrated her 30th birthday! Since Tita Patty didn't really plan a party on her own, my Ninong Pat thought of coming up with a surprise party with all of her favorite treats! :) 

Love these little balloons! See that colorful sorbetes cart behind me?
I thought the chocolate flavor was yummy :)

Even Natalie wanted a piece of the Potato Corner fries that mom was eating... paired with her favorite drink - Mama's milk! :)

Want some?

Had so much fun playing with my gal pals Julia and Sky! :)

Some more pics with our family and the surprised and very happy birthday celebrant :)

These photos were taken by none other than Tito Jorem and Tita Sheila Catilo 
of Catilo Photography :) Awesome shots as always!

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