Sunday, May 12, 2013

Honey Baby

     Oooh! What do we have here?! It's all of these cute baby hats and accessories sent to Natalie and I by Honey Baby Online! :)  As always, Mom couldn't resist taking lots of pictures, and now we can't help but post it on our blog because they turned out to be oh so cute! :) 
Well, it's no secret that I adore my little sis! Doesn't it show? :)

Somebody's hiding under the Elmo crochet hat!
Oh wait! It's a tad bit big... because this is supposed to be for me!
But it looks so cute on Natalie! So we'll just share :)

Told ya she's cute in it! Even her onesie says so :P

You can't seem to get that smile off of your face! Me toooo!!! :D

And this headband? It's supposed to be Natalie's, but we're sharing again :)
Ahh the joys of sisterhood!

And this is a cute sunhat! It doesn't fit Natalie yet (her whole head disappears hehe)
so it's just for me for now :)

      You can get these crochet hats, sun hats, headbands and other hair accessories in different designs at Honey Baby Online! Here are the other items available from their online store :)

Hats galore!

Headbands and pretty bows!

     And in celebration of Mother's Day, they are having a SALE and a GIVEAWAY! :) 
   So check their store online and get a chance to win cute handmade crochet collars :)

You may email and contact 09436790081 (SUN) for inquiries and orders.

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  1. Natalie's too cute!!! She's so adorable! I also make crochet collars and I'd be happy to make a dress with crochet collars for your little girls when I finally take up dress making course. :)