Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mommy and Baby Photos

    Taking pictures has always been something that I loved to do! Ask my husband and he'll tell you how many times he's protested taking photos during our trips abroad (or maybe he won't be able to because there's just been too many times!). And whenever we get back from those trips and find ourselves laughing and smiling while looking at all our pictures, I would always tell him to thank me for being persistent or we wouldn't have been able to capture all of those memories! ;) haha!
   So it comes as no surprise that when we had kids, picture taking went on an all time high! We either took our own photos or had professionals do it for us! Here are my personal mommy and baby photo favorites. Both were taken by The Picture Company when both Audrey and Natalie were three months old :)

With Audrey at 3 months old

With Natalie at 3 months old

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