Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Torn Paper Design

     This post is long overdue! It's the activity that we did as a follow up on the Torn Paper Mosaic. This time we thought of different things as our design inspiration and came up with a butterfly, a tree and a bunny! I was in charge of drawing the outline for us to follow and instead of using colored construction paper, we used pages from old magazines. I asked Audrey to help me tear the pages up into small pieces so we can use them for our Arts and Crafts project. She happily obliged :)

Can you see the inspiration for this butterfly design? :)

The finished product.
I loved the combination of colors that we ended up putting together :)

Guess what Audrey found in the magazine pages
while tearing them up into little pieces? hehe

Making a tree design right after the butterfly. She just couldn't get enough :P

Happy with her work as always!

While we were busy, Natalie was busy too!
She was "reading" her soft book and tasting it too?! :D

And this is the bunny Audrey made with Dada :)

She sure had lots of fun!!! :)

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