Sunday, May 12, 2013

Welcome To My World

      If you are reading this and you are a mom – welcome to my world. If you are not (or not yet one), do think about the moms in your life – your own mother, your wife, your sister, your friend.
     Today is Mother’s Day, and it is my honor to celebrate this blessed day and to write a little something about moms like me.

Photo by The Picture Company

     Once you become a mother, you will never be the same again. I have seen this transformation happen in myself and I am pretty sure other moms have witnessed the same kind of change happen in them.
     For one, you will discover that you are capable of loving with a never ending, all encompassing, always giving love. Even with no guarantee of your child giving back, you still choose to give.
     I've read somewhere before that having a child is like living with your heart outside your body. I no longer wonder what that must feel like. I already know now. When you become a mom, there is a part of you that’s not yours alone anymore. And when you have more than one child, there’s just less and less of you. But you become more and more whole.
     I think motherhood is truly a gift. And having a child reveals some things about you that you probably didn’t know existed before.
    Suddenly, your priorities change. You think of your child’s needs before yours. You discover that you are more patient than you thought. You let yourself get inconvenienced when you know it’s possible to be more comfortable. It’s ok to miss out on things that once seemed so important.
     ‘Love at First Sight’ and ‘Love is Blind’ aren’t just clichés anymore – the moment you see your newborn infant, love overflows. And no matter how your child may look like, he or she is just beautiful in your eyes.
     There may be days when you feel like your patience is about to run out and you cannot afford another interruption. Or you are simply out of energy and don’t know how much longer you can do the things you do for your children.  And you long for the moment when you can get enough sleep, enough rest, enough time for other things. But you press on. You continue anyway. You don’t give up.
     Moms weren’t made to be perfect, but they were made by God so that children can always find comfort in knowing that there is someone who will always care for them, teach them, love on them, and accept them for who they are. We may not be all that our children wish for us to be, but one thing is for sure – we will love them no matter what.
     For even while our child was still in our womb, we already loved them. That love is like a seed that grows and turns into a flower that doesn’t wither. And even as our baby grows and until he or she is old, we will always care for them and be by their side. I know this is what I’ll choose to do. As my own mom takes care of me even as I’ve grown into an adult and a mom too, I would like to extend the same kind of love and care for my own children. And I won’t stop until I’ve left this earth.
     So to my own Mama - Thank you for your compassion, for the encouragement that you give, for the prayers that you utter, for believing in me, for the effort that you make, for the time that you spend with me and my children, for the energy that you expend, for the life lessons that you teach, and for always being there. I love you very much! J