Thursday, June 27, 2013

Audrey Understood

     The other night we went about our usual evening routine: give the girls their sponge bath, brush Audrey’s teeth, and put them to bed.
     As I was preparing Audrey’s cup, toothbrush and towel, Natalie started crying uncontrollably. She was being carried by Dad but still wouldn’t stop.
    Audrey suddenly got up and said, “Mama!!! Nalie’s crying!!” with a distressed look on her face. She was sincerely worried about Natalie and her eyebrows met on her forehead.
     Dad who was the one holding Natalie tried his best to appease our baby but wasn’t successful.
     Audrey goes, “Mom, Dada na lang!!! Dada na lang will brush my teeth so you can get Natalie!!!”
     Wow. I was amazed at Audrey’s sensitivity and smarts.
    Our toddler was right, and we knew it all along - that Natalie would calm down once Mama was the one holding her. She recently started having major separation anxiety. I guess Dad and I just sort of tried to switch roles that night. It didn’t quite work but what was amazing was that Audrey knew.
     I couldn’t believe how much she understood the needs of her little sister.
     She really was meant to be a big sis.


  1. Hi there Ms. Cecil! I've been a lurker (and follower) of your blog ever since it was featured in Ms. Patty's post. Having read your post this Friday morning filled my heart with so much happiness. I wish I could have been like that to my baby brother when I was Audrey's age. :)

  2. This little girl has a heart of gold :)

  3. awww... little audrey is so sweet :)

  4. audrey is so sweet :) kind hearted little one