Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dada's Day

      I find that dads are kind of trickier to buy gifts for. It's either you end up buying them gadgets, stuff from the hardware, or another article of clothing (that you probably got for him before but just in a different color or style). It's so much easier to buy gifts for moms! :) Audrey's always wanted to buy her dad a monkey shirt, but in the past six months that she's been mentioning it, we still haven't really come across a nice monkey shirt for Dada :P So I guess we will still be on the lookout for one.
      And when we were in the mall the other day, we attempted to buy Dada something that he liked... but he didn't find anything in particular that interested him. So we went home empty handed (but richer hehe). 
      So come Sunday, it was a choice between a relaxing snoozefest at home or a relaxing pedi at our good friend Gigi's new nail studio! (Mama's treat!) Of course the pedi won :) So off we went to Coco Nail Studio in the Alabang Hills area to get the much deserved pampering treatment for Dad!

We got him the Coco Man Toes which comes with a foot soak and quick scrub,
followed by a massage and nail cleaning. Relaxing indeed!

And because the nail studio was kid friendly, our girls were kept busy with all
the books and toys that were available for them to read and play with :)
(Busy kids equals relaxed parents)

I even got a 15-minute foot and leg massage of my own while sipping iced tea
and snacking on the macaron that they provide for their clients ;)
We definitely had a nice and relaxing time!
I'm already planning to go back here to try out their other treatments soon!

Can't wait! :)
    After our nail studio date, we headed to our early dinner with the family. We celebrated Father's Day with two other special dads - my husband's dad and my sis in law Patty's dad. 

Patty was ready with a Father's Day rainbow cake prepared by The Cake Shack!

We enjoyed eating this yummy, colorful and festive cake!
Audrey had fun eating the different colors one at a time :D

And here's a pic of the best Dada with his lovely little ones! :)
Hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did!

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