Friday, June 21, 2013

Recycled Art - Toilet Paper Tube Lion

      Toilet paper tubes always seemed like a good recyclable material for arts and crafts... until I collected enough and realized I didn't really have a concrete idea of what to do with them yet. So I ended up throwing a couple of them in the trash before I came up with this haha! 
     I figured Audrey and I could make it a stand for something that we would make, like an animal. So when she requested that we make a lion for arts and crafts one afternoon, I wasted no time getting the tubes ready! (alas! I can put them to good use!)
       Check out our project below:

We had 3 pieces of toilet paper tubes to use for our lion, plus glue and colored construction paper.
Don't forget to bring out your pencil, markers and scissors too!

The lion on Natalie's (formerly Audrey's) gym mat served
as the inspiration for our lion's "look" :)

We haven't even begun and Audrey found another use for these toilet paper tubes already! haha! :P
She wore them on her arms until it was time to wrap them up to use as the lion's body or stand.

       So here are the steps in making the Toilet Paper Tube Lion:

    1. Apply glue on the yellow colored construction paper and wrap around the tube.
    2. Don't forget to leave a portion of the paper sticking out (I almost did!), so that you     
        can stick the lion's head easily later on.
    3. Draw the lion's hair on orange paper and cut (I opted for the pointy versus the curly 
        - just thought it looked cuter :P).
    4. Draw a circle for the lion's face and apply glue at the back so you can stick it on 
        the hair.
    *The torn apple green paper pieces are care of Audrey. They will be of good use later.

    5. Draw the lion's ears and stick on the hair as well (try to put it behind the head).
    6. Cut up a piece of orange paper for the nose.
    7. You can draw the lion's eyes with a black marker - but I chose to 
        cut up black paper for this and glued it on.
    8. Get your black, red and orange markers and draw the lion's mouth and tongue.

Now you can stick the tube behind the lion's hair with tape!

The finished product! The lion on a toilet paper tube stand (its body)
with torn paper bushes stuck to toilet paper tubes as well!
So this is where those apple green pieces of paper went! :)
(abstract bushes for that jungle feel)

Audrey with her "pet" lion hehe!

After the Lion Behind the Bushes setup, Audrey shifted to playing
'picnic', hence the fake drinking in the background :)

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