Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Making of Barnyard Fun

    June is almost about to end and that means I am supposed to start planning for Audrey's upcoming birthday in August! How time surely flies! I haven't even posted her 2nd birthday  mini party yet, and here I am planning her 3rd! And to add to the fun, I will be preparing for Natalie's 1st birthday in September as well! (all my sentences have exclamation points now! I just can't believe it's that time of the year again haha :D)
     I'm one of those moms (or people) who just happen to love DIY projects so if you are into this sort of thing, I hope this post will give you ideas. And if you're not, just read on and this might just amuse you :)
     If you read my post on Audrey's First Birthday, our theme was Barnyard Fun. We came up with the theme based on Audrey's favorite at the time, which were animals. I looked online for ideas and finally came up with my list of props.
     First was the mini barn. I asked for a big enough balikbayan box from my sister who had just come home from the States then and decided on the best design suitable for what I had (my architecture background came in handy hehe, but if you're not an architect, don't worry this ain't complicated ;) ).  

Before the barn looked like it did in these pictures, I started out by sketching the design on it -
I located the window at a height where Audrey can peek out if she wanted to go "inside" the barn. Then I drew up the door and other windows so that it would be easy to paint them white. The box cover also served as the barn roof - I cut up the front and back flaps into the triangular barn roof shape, and the side flaps served as part of the roof (they rest on a piece that I stuck on the roof in front and back, leaving a bit of an open portion on top). Since I cut up a big portion of the box at the rear (so Audrey can go in easily), the piece I took out was also used as part of the roof (so that's why you see a "double" roof in the photo - I just put it on top where it's open, so the top gets completely covered). By just putting this top part on and not sticking all the parts of the roof together, folding it up is easier when we transport the mini barn).

DIY arts and crafts projects will require a little (or a lot) of mess! haha!
Here's the work station where I made the barn, painted the
wooden crate, and prepared the labels and stickers.

I also made the Happy Birthday banderitas with colored construction paper.
I printed out the letters and cut them out ONE.BY.ONE.
Not sure I'll want to do that again this year haha.
I did keep these banderitas for future use ;)

The white wooden crate served as the "pig pen" and this basket housed our straw hat giveaways.
The fruit crate was from the market and the basket from Divisoria.

Photos above by Catilo Photography and Lemarc Limosnero

These were the photos I took of Audrey for her Save the Date
and her Welcome Sign & Invite. Loved taking these pics! :)

I made this Welcome Sign with the help of CorelDraw and Photoshop :)
The "poem" was by yours truly as well :)

Here are labels for the Buffet Table and Dining Tables. I printed out the layout that
I made on sticker paper and cut them. It was easy enough to stick them on these
thick construction papers and it looks neater too than sticking with glue.
The mini pots served as containers for art materials and some decor on the dining tables.
I got them from a landscape and garden supplier.

I had fun coming up with a menu that was appropriate for our theme.
The border colors on these labels were taken from our color motif of pink, aqua and light green.

My DIY Thank You tags (for the giveaways).

I made Thank You stickers for the take home cupcakes and Audrey labels for
the mini pots that we used for storing crayons.
Photos above by Catilo Photography

And of course, there were DIY treats! :9 I made red velvet cupcakes
with buttercream icing for the party!

The cupcakes had pink icing, rainbow sprinkles and either an aqua or green paper cup to go with our motif.
For giveaways, I got some fresh honey from my in-laws who take care of bees in their backyard!
I also wrapped the cover of the jars with checkered cloth to give it a barn feel.

And I wish I made this cake myself but I didn't :) hehe! What I did make was the styro cake stand.
I put together about 3 pieces of styro and wrapped it with a red checkered fabric from Divisoria
and then covered it again with a red bandana. The blue checkered table cover was also from Divisoria and it has remained useful for my household to this day.

I am looking forward to my next 2 DIY party projects for the girls' birthdays! Can't wait :)

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