Friday, June 7, 2013

Vanilla Cupcake Party

     Do you love cupcakes and all things pretty, dainty and nice? Well, my very good friend Anne loves these, so her mini birthday suh-prise party was held at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery and it was sweet! Literally :)
    And because my husband and I just got a new 50mm lens for our Canon EOS dslr camera, I was trigger happy that night! :) :) :) I was so excited because our good pal and awesome photographer Lemarc recommended this lens (especially good for amateurs like moi) because you can't go wrong with one. It's perfect for portraits and closeup shots - and kid photography friendly because the shutter speeds can go faster. Besides all of that it's easy to lug around because it's light, not to mention lighter on the wallet too because it doesn't cost as much as bigger lenses.
    Hope I don't disappoint you with my photos below. Haha! :P

Isn't that a cute setup on the left? :) (This is inside the store)
and on the right is Audrey smiling for Mama :)

The choco cream pie cupcake was our favorite!

Natalie looking at those cupcakes with longing eyes... 

The Gonzaleses! Our birthday celebrant was happy and suh-prised :)

The rest of the party-ers

The kiddos!

Audrey in another happy pose

Natalie's just happy to be out! haha! She loved cruising on the sofa :)

My cuties! If we could read Natalie's thought bubble I bet it would say:
"Help! Rescue me from my big sister's grip! I think she loves me too much!" hehe :D
And last but not least- The Storytelling by Audrey photos with Tito Jay!
She had so much fun telling him about flowers, spiders and monsters that night.
I think you can pretty much guess which is which based on the pictures! hahaha!
Thanks Tito Jay for being so game! :)

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