Wednesday, July 31, 2013

O-fish-ally Two

       Before Audrey turns 3 next month, allow me to share the theme for her 2nd birthday party (which really seemed like it wasn't that long ago!). 

For this sign I put together our favorite photos of Audrey upon approaching
her second year. They were in circles, to make them appear like bubbles :)
I wish I had coined the term "O-fish-ally Two" but I really just chanced upon it
while looking for ideas online! Thought it was really cute and witty! :)
And of course, perfect for our theme!

And the inspiration for our Clownfish Theme is none other than Nemo himself who Audrey just "met" a few months before turning two while we were on vacation in Hawaii :) Her friend Selah gave her Nemo Huggies swim diapers to use when her reusable swimmers didn't dry in time for our next swim.
She didn't want to take out those swim diapers even after we were done swimming! :D

The birthday girl checked out the treats table before her guests arrived

For the birthday cake, I ordered a round cake with white marshmallow icing and requested that
gum paste circles be placed on the sides in different shades of blue to make it
look like the sea. I then placed the cake toppers that I drew up and printed out -
I stuck the clownfish in lollipop sticks and the Happy Birthday sign was in thick paper so it
stood up easily :) It was cheaper to make my own toppers, especially
since I knew how to draw hehe, but there are a lot of printable graphics online that
you can get if you wanted to make your own toppers too :)

I drew a wood sign for the desserts and colored and placed the text through Photoshop.
Here are orange jellos that we made (couldn't find blue!) and placed a fish and pretzel as the "fishing rod".
Got gummy worms too as "fish bait" and placed them in "pails".

Cake pops were labeled as "bubble" pops and here are mini cupcakes in our color motif,
aqua blue and orange.

The setup being checked out by Audrey (on the left :P)

The cake and dessert table complete with backdrop and balloons!
I taped the clownfish and bubble drawings that I made and colored and cut
(yes, cut them one by one - I'm into DIY projects like that haha) on the wall behind and
got some blue and white balloons.

Blowing the birthday candles!

Celebrated with just a few guests last year :)

Opening gifts! :)

Our walls filled with bubbles, clownfish and the Happy Birthday Audrey sign!
These stayed on our walls for a month (or more I think!) :)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I read this and took it to heart every day before giving birth to my second baby.
It really lifted my spirit and made me confident in Him.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth - Part 3

How it Worked for Me

    So what exactly is it about the Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth that really helped me?

    Besides the fact that this method follows the natural inclination of a pregnant woman’s body, having her husband as a labor coach and being able to identify which type of laboring woman I am, the most helpful of all for me (and my husband) during labor were the Emotional Signposts. Studying these signs based on how I was feeling emotionally really helped me recognize where I was at during labor. Yup, it isn’t just physical.

    The book, Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way calls this The Emotional Map of Labor. Check out my notes below.

The Emotional Map of Labor

The First Emotional Signpost: Excitement

       When the first sign of the onset of labor is quite obvious, we start getting excited. Baby’s coming! Baby’s coming! (Oh finally!) This is even more true when you’ve been waiting for weeks for your baby to finally make an appearance and you can’t wait to say goodbye to that big belly and aching back! This signpost is quite easy to spot.

       Here’s what to do when you’re in this stage:

·        Just keep a relaxed tummy throughout the contractions
·        Keep abdomen hanging loose at all times
·        Observe proper breathing & close eyes during contractions
·        Read, watch TV, continue activities
·        You are feeling happy, excited, elated, nervous, can still smile (means a long way to go)
·        For coach hubby: Encourage her to relax and enjoy
·        Keep your wife at home, don’t rush to the hospital just yet
·        Take care of whatever is left that still needs to be prepared – get camera set, take pictures if you like, make arrangements or drop off your older child at a family member’s or friend’s place.

     I remember that during this stage in my labor with Natalie, I was still working at home and had a coordination meeting in the morning. I tried to finish as much work as I could because I had a feeling that this was it and it won’t be long before the baby comes. I was definitely excited but not raring to go to the hospital just yet.

      Hard labor keeps her wrapped up she can’t even smile for the camera or talk so much. So if she can manage an easy smile (yes, there’s such a thing as a hard smile during active labor without anesthesia! Trust me! :D), that means she’s still in the early phase of labor.

The Second Emotional Signpost: Seriousness

      As labor progresses it gets more difficult to ignore. Here’s what to watch out for and expect when you are in this stage:

·        A few (or several) hours after the onset of the first sign of labor, you will finally feel a need to sit down, lie down, and get comfy
·        You need to concentrate on getting some real relaxation and listen to your breathing. Work with the contractions.
·        If you have a backache, you are serious about getting a backrub at this stage
·        Physical sensations are stronger, good working contractions last about 60 seconds.

       “Anything less than 45 seconds isn’t doing much work at getting the cervix             open.”

·        Total concentration, do-not-disturb, get-to-work attitude
·        Coach should be serious too – wife is totally absorbed, determined, intense focus, no jokes or laughing, busy and ready

Now I just have to comment on the previous two notes. When my contractions were getting stronger, longer and closer together (60 seconds long and 5 to 8 minutes apart to be exact), I was already really quiet and focused. I was so serious about concentrating and working with the contractions that when my husband opened the TV and started watching Newsroom (a show with lots of talking!), I asked him to turn it off with a serious tone because it was too noisy for me. At first he jokingly asked me if I was in the serious stage, but when I didn’t smile back, he knew that he was right. Haha! I still find that incident so funny because it was so true. These signposts were just spot on.

·        Get a good number of these hours of work at home before going to the hospital – no need to dash at the first sign of seriousness
·        Usually contractions 4 minutes apart, lasting 60-70 seconds
·        For the coach: Get ready with the backrub, ice chips, wet cloth, coach your wife in relaxation and breathing. Be sensitive to her needs and don’t wait for her to get frantic before you start helping her out.
·        Rub her back, talk to her over and through the contractions.
·        Concentrate intently on helping her to really let go and let her body sag (These relaxation exercises and techniques are taught in the book but if you don’t have a copy, just remember not to tense up and stay relaxed)
·        The primary goal at all times is total relaxation
·        “Run through the 6 needs of a laboring mother:
           1.     Darkness and solitude
           2.     Quiet
           3.     Physical comfort
           4.     Physical relaxation
           5.     Controlled breathing
           6.     Appearance of sleep and closed eyes”

The Third Emotional Signpost: Self-Doubt

       This stage is the most crucial especially if you are planning to do a drugless, epidural anesthesia-free birth.

       Here’s what happens and what to watch out for at this stage:

·        Uterus now shifts into high gear and goes from 7 to 10 cm
·        Mother begins to wonder why destination isn’t reached yet
·        You may not notice but coach sees you’ve become uncertain, indecisive.
·        You don’t know what you want to do and cannot explain when asked.
·        You suddenly are not sure you can do this and may even say it aloud.
·        The self-doubt signpost really means that you are almost done.
·        Contractions may last 70, 80 or even 90 seconds, with rest periods of 1.5 to 2 minutes.
·        Backache is stronger and a backrub is definitely needed now.
·        Relax and let go. Breathe with a quiet, steady rhythm.
·        Focus on a super limp, relaxed body. Think your way through the contractions.
·        The mother looks to the coach for support, depends upon you for confidence and reassurance. This is the hardest part of the work but also the fastest.
·        PEP: PRAISE her for her efforts
                        ENCOURAGE her to redouble her efforts
                       PROGRESS – let her know she’s almost there” (baby’s coming!)
·        She might take offer of medication at this point because she thinks she’s not doing well and things are not going the way she expected.

      I’ve asked a few moms who opted for an unmedicated childbirth and they have told me that they recall feeling a wave of doubt as their contractions just got stronger and stronger. If it wasn’t for the encouragement of their doula or midwife (who acted as their coach for the birth), they would have given up and asked for the drugs right before the baby came out. In the book I also read about one mom’s experience during the Self-Doubt stage wherein she was begging for the epidural because she couldn’t take the pain anymore and doubted that she could go through with it, but her husband stopped her and encouraged her to go on without medication. Twenty minutes later, the baby came out. Whew.

      As for me, I honestly didn’t want to think about not being able to deliver naturally at any point during labor. I tried my best not to give room to doubt. I think I was so set on NOT having another C-section and anesthesia’s horrible side effects on me again that not finishing what I started was just not an option. I do remember thinking and wondering how long this pain would last and how it’s almost impossible for it to get even worse because it was way too painful already. If there was any doubt in my mind, I just didn’t entertain it. I honestly prayed for this moment for so long and so hard that I didn’t want to let doubt take the place of faith. I just had to believe that I could do it. :)

      Here are some more pointers in the book worth remembering that will help you in analyzing where you are in labor:

“The actual amount of dilation is the least reliable guide as to where you are in labor.

How far dilated you are is not nearly as important as the:
Emotional Signpost, along with
How Far Apart and
How Long the Contractions are.

There is no way to predict the time.

What you almost always can tell is this:
     If she has been working at labor for hours, and her contractions are 2 and 3 minutes apart and lasting 60 to 90 seconds, and she has the Self-Doubt signpost, you can tell her with complete honesty and assurance that she is down to the end of her work. Still, don’t put a time on it, for if she goes over, her will may crumble.”

For the coach – just remember to Praise, Encourage and acknowledge your wife’s Progress during labor. Be sensitive to her needs and help her relax as much as possible. Going through labor and giving birth is definitely the hardest physical work that a woman has to go through so be extra supportive! J

This post is dedicated to my friend Mia and baby Shiloh

Reference and Quotes from:

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth - Part 2

     Finally, here is the next part of my post about the Bradley Method! I must apologize for the delay. I have been so caught up with work in the midst of taking care of two little girls, wifely duties and chores that I didn’t have enough time to write about such an important and detailed subject. But alas, here are tips for all you moms who are expecting a baby on the way! Do read on to learn more about labor.

What I Learned About Labor 

     How labor starts differs from woman to woman. I have interviewed my mommy friends during pregnancy and not one of them had exactly the same experience. There were commonalities, but the whole process still differed somehow. So this led me to expect the unexpected. But also pushed me to be prepared for whatever may take place.
     In the book that I studied for my second pregnancy, Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way: Revised Edition by Susan McCutcheon, it enumerated possible opening scenes for the beginning of the first stage of labor. The first stage is when you start getting contractions that are consistent and strong enough to open up the cervix and ends when you are fully dilated.

     Some of the likely scenarios for the onset of real labor could be either of the following:

·        You have contractions that feel like menstrual cramps lasting about 30 to 45 seconds or so and consistently coming back every 10 up to 30 minutes even if you change your position or activities. This lasts for about 14 hours. This is called the textbook labor.
This is what I first thought was happening to me during my second pregnancy, as my contractions started with the same length and intervals - I woke up at 5am and felt like I had cramps while my tummy was hardening, but it was tolerable enough that I kinda slept through it. I was actually more like half asleep because I would feel the cramps but tried to rest anyway. And when I finally decided to get up at 7am I knew I had to start plotting the contractions already. They would usually be 10 to 15 minutes apart and 40 to 45 seconds long. At certain times of the day, the intervals would become 30 minutes apart but then went back to just 10 minutes again.
The contractions then start getting longer and intervals become shorter as the hours go by. Just observe and take note. You will know when you are in active labor already as the contractions are much stronger and come sooner.

·        You lose your mucous plug. This may happen way before the actual start of labor. You may not even notice losing it (like me) and they say this is the most unreliable of all the signs of labor. The mucous plug looks like a grayish white matter and may be accompanied by some blood, but only a tinge. Strong bleeding is a different thing altogether.

·    Your water breaks. As in you can feel it sort of pop and there’s enough water to soak your clothes. Contractions may start right away or after several hours. If labor hasn’t begun after 24 to 48 hours, doctors usually induce labor but this could be unnecessary as most start labor on their own.
I am fortunate that this wasn’t my opening scene or I would have worried about whether or not labor would need to be induced in case it didn’t start right away. My water broke only after 15 hours of consistent contractions with Natalie.

·        Your water leaks. This is different from your water breaking – it’s just slight trickles of fluid leaking. It’s possible for this to seal over and the wait can continue until real labor starts. Doctors who are calm about this and choose to wait rather than induce labor often get the best results. It’s always better to wait on Mother Nature rather than rush unnecessarily.

·    False alarm. Contractions are several minutes apart and about 30 seconds long but instead of being consistent with intervals in between contractions, they get further apart and weaken or the contractions even disappear. Real labor doesn’t start until a week later or even longer. You will just have to wait for baby to be ready J

·        You get a backache. It’s not just any backache but a strong, recurring one. It peaks and comes back after several minutes. Only a few women start their labors with a backache but when this is your opening scene, the pain can make you stop dead on your tracks. Just take note.

·        You can have your baby any minute now. You are already 4 to 5 cms dilated but there are no contractions yet. You wait and wait and wait, but still no baby coming. All you have to do is be patient as labor can start anytime. If you force labor to start, you might end up with a hard labor simply because the baby still isn’t ready. But when he or she is, it may just take a short time or even a couple of hours before delivery.
Here in the Philippines though, doctors usually require you to be admitted already if an internal exam confirms that you are already 4 cms dilated. Just hope that your body gets to work shortly after admission or an induction of labor may be done.
In my experience with Audrey, I was only almost 3 cms dilated when I was admitted. I reached 4 to 5 cms as a result of labor induction but because she just wasn’t ready, my body just didn’t work hard enough to open up the cervix fully. And so I ended up with a C-section.
With Natalie, I spent most of my laboring hours at home. So when I got to the hospital I was already 6 cms dilated. I was able give birth naturally (VBAC) to Natalie 2 hours later.

·       Although not mentioned in detail in this Bradley book that I was studying, a bloody show is one of the things that my doctor told me to watch out for.
I actually had a bloody show with Natalie when I went to the bathroom after active labor had already begun. After seeing the bloody show in the toilet, my water broke a few seconds later. All these signs prompted us to get our things ready, although it actually took us about an hour more before leaving for the hospital. I had to keep stopping whatever it was I was doing every time the contractions came so you can imagine how much longer it took! I wasn’t bleeding or leaking in a major way yet so I still felt calm and confident enough about our lack of speed hehe J
If you have strong bleeding though, make sure to notify your doctor right away and don’t wait too long before leaving for the hospital.

·        Here are 3 categories of laboring women that you might find yourself falling under:

1.    The Speedster: You get contractions about 60 seconds long and 4 minutes apart. After about two hours, your contractions are already 60-70 seconds long and 3 minutes apart. In five hours you are done and ready.

2.     The Putterer: You get contractions about 30-35 seconds long and 10 to several minutes apart. It stays this way for a good 12 to 15 hours before active labor begins. You know you’re most likely in real labor but aren’t panicky or feel that you need to rush to the hospital right away. Your labor will probably last a good 22 hours or more.
When I read the full description of the Putterer in my book again during the day that I got consistent contractions, I instantly knew that this was me. Early labor lasted about 12 to 14 hours and by the start of the 14th hour, I knew I was in active labor already and my body was working hard to open up the cervix.
My labor lasted 19 to 21 hours (19 hours if I start counting from when I plotted it, which is at 7am. 21 hours if I start counting from when I actually felt the first onset of contractions).

3.     The Puzzler: You get contractions about 3 minutes apart but only 20 to 30 seconds long. You think that they will start getting closer together and stronger, but they don’t. The contractions may become closer, but not strong or long enough so it doesn’t do the job of opening the cervix. It may still take you several hours to get contractions 60 seconds long.

    Hope these will be very helpful to you if you are pregnant and giving birth anytime now! And if you aren’t, do read this again or get a copy of the book that I studied when the time comes. It’s really a helpful tool especially for those who are hoping for a natural childbirth.

                                                                Clicking on the above image leads you to
                                                                where you can buy or browse some pages of the book.
                                                                Actual cost of book remains the same even if accessed
                                                                from this site.

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A Toddler and a Newborn

        This entry is a repost of an article I wrote for Mommy Stella for her Tea Time series in her blog, From Stilettos to Ballet Flats. She's a lawyer juggling her time being a loving wife and caring hands-on mommy. Like me, she is a super busy working mom with a 2 year old and a new baby. We've got a lot on our hands but we just love love love being moms! :)

2 year old Audrey holding 2 week old Natalie

     Having a toddler and a newborn is quite a juggling act for moms. When I had my second baby, the demand for mommy’s attention was pretty overwhelming. But don’t worry, there are ways to make things work for you and your kids if you are a mom expecting a new baby while caring for a toddler.

     Here are some tips that I got from family and friends, and ones that I figured out for myself along the way that were truly helpful. Will be using ‘her’ to refer to a toddler most of the time since I am a mom of two girls but this definitely applies to boys as well :)

  1. Be sensitive to your toddler’s needs. When your toddler is asking for much needed attention - give it. Since she understands her needs more, it is wise to give her what she needs at that moment so as to make her feel that she is still important and very much a part of the family despite the presence of a new baby. Of course you should also let her know that when baby needs something, you will also have to attend to her little sister but this will reassure her that mommy still very much loves her.

  1. When you bring them to family gatherings, newborns normally get the attention first – cue your family and relatives (and friends too) to say hi and acknowledge your toddler first so she doesn’t feel left out or forgotten.

  1. Make sure you guard their sleep (a tip from my sis in law). If your newborn cries a lot and your toddler is a light sleeper, consider having them sleep in different rooms (we were lucky because Audrey was a heavy sleeper like her dad and Natalie didn’t cry a lot – easy to soothe as a newborn – just feed/burp or change dirty diaper). Sleep is essential for a baby’s growth and development so it is important that he or she gets enough of it.

  1. Encourage Dad to be more hands on with toddler since mom, especially if breastfeeding, is still recovering from childbirth and is the food source for the baby (more energy used up as she feeds the baby). Nowadays, I have noticed there are more hands on dads :) So I hope this trend continues on because it is so much better for mom, baby and the whole family!

  1. Expect your toddler to want the same things that your newborn is getting – attention, diaper change, drinking milk (not necessarily breastfeeding but this might be a possibility), being carried…amongst other things. What I did was tell Audrey that she and Natalie can ‘take turns’, so she will have a concept of sharing mommy with the baby and willingly let go when it’s the baby’s turn (you can sort of make it appear like a game too hehe).

  1. Kiss and hold your toddler as much as your newborn. While breastfeeding Natalie, I would sometimes ask Audrey to sit beside me so I can hug her while holding the baby too. She actually finds it quite fun :)

  1. Always acknowledge your toddler when she tries to show you something like a toy, book, or her artwork. Toddlers don’t just love attention, they want you to participate! So when it’s time to have a picnic, I pretend to eat those fake fruits and sandwiches! When she wants me to read a book to her, I don’t decline. And when she shows me her artwork, I encourage her to talk about it so we can have a little discussion :) Anyway, all these things can be done while baby is asleep or breastfeeding (imagine one arm holding your baby and the other holding a plastic watermelon hehe!), and reading isn’t so hard either. It’s all a matter of timing!

  1. Encourage your toddler to be loving and gentle with your baby – teach them the difference between a soft touch and a strong one. Remind her that baby sis is still very small and fragile so big sis needs to be careful and not play rough.

  1. Explain to your toddler that she’s a big sister now and that it is important for her to take care and protect her little sibling. Encourage your toddler to ‘watch over baby’. Giving her a task such as this teaches her to be more responsible and helps her to understand her new role. What I did with Audrey before was ask her to ‘check on Natalie’ while she was sleeping in the room and we were out in the dining room having lunch. She enjoyed getting out of her small dining chair, and even running to our room to sneak in and take a look at how the baby was doing. She would then go back out and announce that ‘Natalie is ok’ or ‘Natalie is asleep’ and give me a satisfied smile :)

  1. Encourage sharing (very tricky!). Kids naturally want to have everything for themselves, be it material things or attention – but teaching how to share is never too early. And when there’s a newborn baby, toddlers will find it more difficult to share more than ever. And this is why, as parents, we need to keep encouraging them and explaining that we are a family and we need to show love towards each other. And sharing is one of the ways to express our love. This will definitely take time and energy to let it sink in, but it will eventually. My baby is now almost ten months old and I am still continually encouraging Audrey to learn how to share. Sometimes she does willingly, other times she finds it difficult. But I am hopeful that one day, sharing will just come naturally for her and for Natalie too :)
        I hope these tips will help you as it has helped me. Having two kids a few years apart isn’t easy since both are in very demanding stages of their lives. But nothing is impossible, and there are ways to make it all work :)

Here is Natalie at a month old and big sis Audrey
Photos by Sheila Catilo of Catilo Photography


Monday, July 22, 2013

Yogurt with Granolas

        Audrey absolutely loves yogurt with granolas for her afternoon snack! I also put in some almonds, raisins or fresh fruits from time to time :) It's a healthy alternative to sweets and baked goodies and provides her with the fiber and nutrients that she needs. Yogurt is a good source of calcium especially for kids who prefer to eat solids and have lessened their milk intake. Plus yogurt is good for the tummy! It has good bacteria which protects the stomach from the bad ones that cause tummy aches. 

Apple cinnamon granolas and vanilla flavored organic yogurt
is such a yummy combination! Even I love eating this :9
We also alternate our granola flavors every time so we
don't get bored with the taste. Our favorites include Honey
Almond and Blueberry! 

Make sure you check the yogurt's label and choose ones with live bacteria.
Some yogurt brands are delicious but don't offer the same benefits because
they are just loaded with sugar and have no more live good bacteria.

We also have Greek yogurt from time to time and since this
has quite a tangy taste to it, we put organic honey too :)
The sweetness of the honey 
balances out the sour taste.
Greek yogurt is also known to have higher protein and
less sugar content. You might want to read up more about
Greek yogurt by checking out this article: 

Greek Yogurt vs. Regular Yogurt, Which is More Healthful?

        Do try this out for your little ones! Sometimes I also put some organic honey flavored cookies. They are yummy with yogurt! Happy Snacking! :)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Picture Company

      Wow, how time flies! It was just a couple of months ago when we had these photos taken at Picture Company. Natalie was only three and a half months then and now she's nine months old already! The last six months went by JUST.LIKE.THAT.
       Take a look at our photos below :)

This is one of my favorites! 

And this one always makes me smile :)

I think this flower head dress is lovely on Natalie :)

And of course another Mommy and Baby photo for keeps

And our ultimate favorite --- the two sisters! :)
The blow up photo of this one is already displayed in the girls' room :)

Our growing family :)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Our Afternoon at Coco Nail Studio

      When our good friend Gigi Gonzales-Uson invited Patty and I to her newly opened nail salon, we just couldn't wait! We knew it would be an absolutely fun and very relaxing girly afternoon! We were supposed to go to Coco Nail Studio a couple of days after it opened but Patty was going on a week long trip so I wanted to wait for her to get back... or so I thought! Even before she had left, I already went to Coco with my husband for a pampering session on Father's day :) oops, haha!
Besides the charming and cozy interiors of Coco Nail Studio, I just loved the fact that it's a spacious and kid-friendly nail salon. As you can see in the photos, they provide a good selection of children's books, puzzles and toys to keep the little ones occupied. They even have rubber mats where kids can play on while you get your treatment done.

Every decor and piece in the nail studio was hand picked by Gigi herself, who I think has a gift for decorating interiors. The combination of colors, accessories and accents made a really lovely atmosphere.
Incidentally, I am Gigi's architect for her family's new home so I am
very excited to see what she will be doing with her own house's interiors :)

My treatment hasn't started yet and Audrey's already getting cozy and comfy in one of the sofas :)

Patty and I tried out the Coco Luxe treatment which starts off with a hand and foot dip in green tea water. Our nails then got cleaned and we were given a sea salt srub exfoliation and a relaxing hand and foot massage (which extended to the arms and legs too!). We picked our gel polish colors and then got the paraffin wax treatment. I can't remember having such soft hands and feet! :P It was sheer delight! haha! 

One of the things that I love about this nail studio as well is that everything is neat, orderly and clean.
And their therapists are very polite and friendly! Definitely another plus for me :)

While mommy was busy with pampering galore, Audrey got busy too! They had her
favorite soft wood blocks and she made them into a tower in no time.

My girls love these wooden toys too :)

Even Natalie is enjoying playtime on the mats at Coco :) 

The VIP treatment wasn't just given to Patty and me... it extended to Audrey
who willingly accepted the offer of a massage!

This toddler who tries to evade napping has met her match. I already knew what Audrey was thinking! "This is so relaxing mom, it's putting me to sleep...h-e-l-p  m-e..." hahaha! :D

While I was getting my treatment done, I also had to breastfeed Natalie.
It was easy since I was in such a comfy and soft couch :)

Happy and back to playing!

Audrey got another special treat! When she saw me having my foot scrubbed and washed, she got curious so Coco gave her a kiddie version (no salt hehe) - she loved the soap suds and bubbles all over her feet! :)

Mama's pampering session also became Audrey's pampering afternoon! Lucky girl :)

Thanks Gigi and Coco Nail Studio for such a relaxing and fun time for all of us! :)
I will be quoting Audrey on this one (overheard her telling the therapist): "I will come back!" :)

Coco Nail Studio offers several pampering services ranging from the basic nail cleaning with regular polish called Coco Express, to the popular hand and foot spa complete with sea salt scrub and massage (Coco Spa) and the luxurious treatment which I was fortunate to have tried out (Coco Luxe). Even men can experience a relaxing hand and foot treatment with Coco Man :) Your young ones won't be left out either with Coco Petite, a kid-friendly dip and nail cleaning that may or may not have polish. Kiddie Sticker Nail Art is also available :)
And did I mention that they offer chair massages too for your head and shoulders, back, legs and foot? 
I've tried the leg massage and it's really a stress buster! Need to go back for more ;)

COCO NAIL STUDIO is located at 
2nd Level Don Gesu Building, Don Jesus Blvd.
Alabang Hills, Muntinlupa

Open Daily from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
Tel. 552-3156
Email at
Follow @coconailstudio on Twitter

Click on logo below to get redirected to Coco's Facebook page

Thanks Gigi and Patty for taking some of the photos which I posted here :)