Wednesday, July 31, 2013

O-fish-ally Two

       Before Audrey turns 3 next month, allow me to share the theme for her 2nd birthday party (which really seemed like it wasn't that long ago!). 

For this sign I put together our favorite photos of Audrey upon approaching
her second year. They were in circles, to make them appear like bubbles :)
I wish I had coined the term "O-fish-ally Two" but I really just chanced upon it
while looking for ideas online! Thought it was really cute and witty! :)
And of course, perfect for our theme!

And the inspiration for our Clownfish Theme is none other than Nemo himself who Audrey just "met" a few months before turning two while we were on vacation in Hawaii :) Her friend Selah gave her Nemo Huggies swim diapers to use when her reusable swimmers didn't dry in time for our next swim.
She didn't want to take out those swim diapers even after we were done swimming! :D

The birthday girl checked out the treats table before her guests arrived

For the birthday cake, I ordered a round cake with white marshmallow icing and requested that
gum paste circles be placed on the sides in different shades of blue to make it
look like the sea. I then placed the cake toppers that I drew up and printed out -
I stuck the clownfish in lollipop sticks and the Happy Birthday sign was in thick paper so it
stood up easily :) It was cheaper to make my own toppers, especially
since I knew how to draw hehe, but there are a lot of printable graphics online that
you can get if you wanted to make your own toppers too :)

I drew a wood sign for the desserts and colored and placed the text through Photoshop.
Here are orange jellos that we made (couldn't find blue!) and placed a fish and pretzel as the "fishing rod".
Got gummy worms too as "fish bait" and placed them in "pails".

Cake pops were labeled as "bubble" pops and here are mini cupcakes in our color motif,
aqua blue and orange.

The setup being checked out by Audrey (on the left :P)

The cake and dessert table complete with backdrop and balloons!
I taped the clownfish and bubble drawings that I made and colored and cut
(yes, cut them one by one - I'm into DIY projects like that haha) on the wall behind and
got some blue and white balloons.

Blowing the birthday candles!

Celebrated with just a few guests last year :)

Opening gifts! :)

Our walls filled with bubbles, clownfish and the Happy Birthday Audrey sign!
These stayed on our walls for a month (or more I think!) :)

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  1. Everything looked Fish-tastic! Great job Cecil! You can do anything!!!!