Saturday, July 13, 2013

Our Afternoon at Coco Nail Studio

      When our good friend Gigi Gonzales-Uson invited Patty and I to her newly opened nail salon, we just couldn't wait! We knew it would be an absolutely fun and very relaxing girly afternoon! We were supposed to go to Coco Nail Studio a couple of days after it opened but Patty was going on a week long trip so I wanted to wait for her to get back... or so I thought! Even before she had left, I already went to Coco with my husband for a pampering session on Father's day :) oops, haha!
Besides the charming and cozy interiors of Coco Nail Studio, I just loved the fact that it's a spacious and kid-friendly nail salon. As you can see in the photos, they provide a good selection of children's books, puzzles and toys to keep the little ones occupied. They even have rubber mats where kids can play on while you get your treatment done.

Every decor and piece in the nail studio was hand picked by Gigi herself, who I think has a gift for decorating interiors. The combination of colors, accessories and accents made a really lovely atmosphere.
Incidentally, I am Gigi's architect for her family's new home so I am
very excited to see what she will be doing with her own house's interiors :)

My treatment hasn't started yet and Audrey's already getting cozy and comfy in one of the sofas :)

Patty and I tried out the Coco Luxe treatment which starts off with a hand and foot dip in green tea water. Our nails then got cleaned and we were given a sea salt srub exfoliation and a relaxing hand and foot massage (which extended to the arms and legs too!). We picked our gel polish colors and then got the paraffin wax treatment. I can't remember having such soft hands and feet! :P It was sheer delight! haha! 

One of the things that I love about this nail studio as well is that everything is neat, orderly and clean.
And their therapists are very polite and friendly! Definitely another plus for me :)

While mommy was busy with pampering galore, Audrey got busy too! They had her
favorite soft wood blocks and she made them into a tower in no time.

My girls love these wooden toys too :)

Even Natalie is enjoying playtime on the mats at Coco :) 

The VIP treatment wasn't just given to Patty and me... it extended to Audrey
who willingly accepted the offer of a massage!

This toddler who tries to evade napping has met her match. I already knew what Audrey was thinking! "This is so relaxing mom, it's putting me to sleep...h-e-l-p  m-e..." hahaha! :D

While I was getting my treatment done, I also had to breastfeed Natalie.
It was easy since I was in such a comfy and soft couch :)

Happy and back to playing!

Audrey got another special treat! When she saw me having my foot scrubbed and washed, she got curious so Coco gave her a kiddie version (no salt hehe) - she loved the soap suds and bubbles all over her feet! :)

Mama's pampering session also became Audrey's pampering afternoon! Lucky girl :)

Thanks Gigi and Coco Nail Studio for such a relaxing and fun time for all of us! :)
I will be quoting Audrey on this one (overheard her telling the therapist): "I will come back!" :)

Coco Nail Studio offers several pampering services ranging from the basic nail cleaning with regular polish called Coco Express, to the popular hand and foot spa complete with sea salt scrub and massage (Coco Spa) and the luxurious treatment which I was fortunate to have tried out (Coco Luxe). Even men can experience a relaxing hand and foot treatment with Coco Man :) Your young ones won't be left out either with Coco Petite, a kid-friendly dip and nail cleaning that may or may not have polish. Kiddie Sticker Nail Art is also available :)
And did I mention that they offer chair massages too for your head and shoulders, back, legs and foot? 
I've tried the leg massage and it's really a stress buster! Need to go back for more ;)

COCO NAIL STUDIO is located at 
2nd Level Don Gesu Building, Don Jesus Blvd.
Alabang Hills, Muntinlupa

Open Daily from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
Tel. 552-3156
Email at
Follow @coconailstudio on Twitter

Click on logo below to get redirected to Coco's Facebook page

Thanks Gigi and Patty for taking some of the photos which I posted here :)

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