Monday, July 22, 2013

Yogurt with Granolas

        Audrey absolutely loves yogurt with granolas for her afternoon snack! I also put in some almonds, raisins or fresh fruits from time to time :) It's a healthy alternative to sweets and baked goodies and provides her with the fiber and nutrients that she needs. Yogurt is a good source of calcium especially for kids who prefer to eat solids and have lessened their milk intake. Plus yogurt is good for the tummy! It has good bacteria which protects the stomach from the bad ones that cause tummy aches. 

Apple cinnamon granolas and vanilla flavored organic yogurt
is such a yummy combination! Even I love eating this :9
We also alternate our granola flavors every time so we
don't get bored with the taste. Our favorites include Honey
Almond and Blueberry! 

Make sure you check the yogurt's label and choose ones with live bacteria.
Some yogurt brands are delicious but don't offer the same benefits because
they are just loaded with sugar and have no more live good bacteria.

We also have Greek yogurt from time to time and since this
has quite a tangy taste to it, we put organic honey too :)
The sweetness of the honey 
balances out the sour taste.
Greek yogurt is also known to have higher protein and
less sugar content. You might want to read up more about
Greek yogurt by checking out this article: 

Greek Yogurt vs. Regular Yogurt, Which is More Healthful?

        Do try this out for your little ones! Sometimes I also put some organic honey flavored cookies. They are yummy with yogurt! Happy Snacking! :)


  1. lovely Audrey! where to buy the yummy snackies? hehe..

  2. Oh! :) you can get the granolas from Healthy Options & the two yogurt brands are usually available in South Supermarket and S&R (although I noticed the Clover Organic isn't on stock often).