Monday, August 19, 2013

Audrey is 3 - The Party Preparations

    Last weekend we were finally able to celebrate Audrey's 3rd birthday! :) But before the actual event, there was a lot of planning and preparation involved. Thinking of a theme was super easy. As Audrey has developed a love for arts and crafts ever since we started doing them regularly at home, an Art Theme was perfect! And I can't deny that art is close to my heart as well so brainstorming was a breeze! Check out the concepts that we had for the party :)

I designed Audrey's Save the Date using a portion of one
of her paintings as the background.

The concept was an Art Exhibit because Audrey had so many artworks that we wanted
to showcase at the party while we painted and did artworks with her friends as well :)
This "ticket" serves as our invite :)

Audrey's Welcome Sign for the party was based on the
design and layout of the Save the Date and Ticket Invite

I had fun designing, coloring, labeling and laying out the signs for the party :)

I mounted Audrey's artworks in colored cartolinas to: a) provide a colorful background for them at the venue, b) to make transporting them easier, c) to save time and make it easy for us to stick them on the wall. We included 21 artworks and placed them all in 7 cartolinas! I also included labels that described the artwork, just like what you see in museums and exhibits :)

I printed Art Quotes with 3 of Audrey's paintings as the background to use as table
centerpieces and signs. Our picture frame can display photos back to back so the other
side had Audrey's pictures in them :)

Guess what this is?

Our painting smocks!
I prepared small, medium and large waterproof smocks in different colors
to go with our rainbow + pink color motif (Audrey's favorite color is pink :) )
I then got sticker paper and cut out paint blob and art palette shapes
and used them as the name tags for the kids' smocks (so that they don't have to
fight over which one they want at the party hehe)

The birthday girl saw her pink smock the morning of the party
and was happy to try it on :)

I made a "Happy Birthday" sign and an "A" as part of the party decor. I painted this with
watercolor at 630am during the day of the party and it was very therapeutic and relaxing for me :) I think I should paint more often ;)

A collection of concepts for the party, including a photo of Audrey's outfit fitting! ;)
I showed the cake and cupcake design to The Cake Shack girls so they could make their own version of these goodies for Audrey and they asked me to send them a photo of Audrey in her outfit so they could prepare a mini version! And boy, they didn't disappoint!!! :) Wait till you see how the cake turned out! They had such wonderful concepts and it got us so excited! They tagged team with Love and Lavender for the setup and props for the cake and dessert table! Photos coming soon!!! :)
I also asked for the help of my good friends from Carnival Party Needs and Catering Services for the supply and setup of the multicolored hanging balloons similar to the photo. Events by Marge made setting up our art table and exhibit area possible without me getting stressed out! You will love how these awesome suppliers did the set up for us when I post the party photos! :) 

These photos were taken during our meeting with The Cake Shack girls, Gui and Genine and Love and Lavender's Bea. I showed them our pegs and we had a fun time conceptualizing and sharing our ideas with one another. Audrey even joined us and did some sketches (more like doodles hehe!) with Bea :) And of course, a HUGE Thank You to Patty Laurel-Filart who introduced these awesome suppliers and accommodated all of us in her home for this meeting! :) Thank you for your ideas and your big heart! Audrey and I, and the rest of our family are truly grateful for your efforts! I'm such a busy working mom and as much as I'd like to do everything myself, it's just not possible haha! I really do need the help of other creative and skillful people who have such brilliant ideas to make my dream party for Audrey come to life :)

Photos and Video of the party to be posted soon! :)

Suppliers mentioned above:

The Cake Shack

Love and Lavender

Carnival Party Needs and Catering Services
B62 L3 Unit 1 El Grande Ave. BF Homes, Pque
5699083 / 09291438470

Events by Marge


  1. I love it all! Great ideas!!!!!

  2. Isn't planning for your kid's birthday party so fun and relaxing even with the many preparations you have to do? This is such a great concept you did. I enjoyed it just looking at the pictures and I sure bet your little guests truly had a great time. :) Good job mommy! :)