Monday, September 23, 2013

Audrey is 3 - The pARTy Photodiary

     This post is looong overdue. I remember the day I first posted about Audrey's party - it was a very rainy Monday just like today. 
     I've been so busy during the past few weeks with my family, Natalie's upcoming party, work, more work, a trip taken, and another one that we'll be going on soon. So many things to take care of but so thankful too.
     This entry is full of party photos (like the others but even more so haha!). This time we focus on the activities and the people that made the party extra special, and lots of fun! :)
Audrey is 3!

Our family photos. Hmm, the girls look good in a red beret :)

Audrey designing her 'blank canvas' cake with edible markers

Audrey's Artworks on Exhibit!
These are her best works which were made beginning late last year. We do a lot of arts and crafts at home with different types of media. The labels on the artworks will tell you which works were a collaboration with me and her dad. I even asked her to 'name' her artworks and she's come up with "Spiders and Snow" and "The Galaxy and Circles" :) Most of the time we just let her do everything on her own, especially if it's a painting. Crafts on the other hand require more guidance especially if cutting is involved.

The Art Exhibit :)

Our art materials

More art stuff and painting smocks for the kids

Audrey using markers and poster paint to work on two separate artworks

The other artists :)

The class photo! :)

Artworks by Audrey's friends!
Their subjects were taken from a list of Audrey's favorites :)

Photos with Natalie and my husband's parents :)

Our friends :)

Singing the Happy Birthday song and candle blowing ceremony :)

Audrey gathers balloons to take home in her favorite color - pink!

Thank you to all of our friends and suppliers who made the party fun and who
made the workload lighter for me :) I LOVED this party! :)

Thanks Patty Laurel-Filart for being our host, and for helping us set up and take photos! Your support is very much appreciated!

Thanks Marge and Kaki for setting up and making our Painting and Arts Activity a success! All your efforts and patience paid off :) The kids had sooo much fun!
Events by Marge

Thanks Mommy Bing for all the balloons and decor at the party! It made our venue look so colorful and fun!
Carnival Party Needs and Catering Services
B62 L3 Unit 1 El Grande Ave. BF Homes, Pque
5699083 / 09291438470

Thank you Lemarc Limosnero for taking our photos too :)

And Thank You to all of our family and friends who came to celebrate with us 
even though it was a rainy Saturday! We're grateful for your presence and 
for the presents that you brought along too :)


  1. Beautiful party! Where did you get the edible markers? :)

    1. Thanks! :) The Cake Shack provided the edible markers but you can check Gourdo's for the Wilton brand Food Writer Edible Markers, and also Sweetlink for the Kopykake brand (though I haven't tried buying from them myself - just saw it online), and I also saw a set at a local baking supplies store Le Doux Atelier. You can buy them per piece or per set of 10.