Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My First Journal

     Toddlers love to doodle. Just give them a pen, marker or crayon and a blank piece of paper and they will scribble away! Audrey loves doodling with different colored markers. It's a good thing that she received this blank notebook journal from my sis in law, Mic as a gift (so I was spared from getting bond papers from my work stash! hehe). What's good about this too is that we can keep track of what Audrey's been drawing or writing. Mic is a preschool teacher so she told me to encourage Audrey to write in this journal with a subject matter in mind. I can just let Audrey write or draw her interpretation of an object, an event or any subject at all. We can then talk about it and I can encourage Audrey to interpret or explain what she wrote :) 

I let Audrey write or draw on her table so she knows that this
is the place for writing and not on the bed or the wall! haha.

Also show your toddler the proper way of holding a pen so
she can get used to it and prepare her for writing.
I always write the subject or topic and date on the page
of the sketch.

We used washable markers and stamps on this page. 

Audrey loves sketching, doodling, writing!

Our subjects range from 'playing soccer in the field', to 'fish underwater' to 'Ninong Pat's and Tita Patty's wedding :) We write and draw about whatever it is Audrey thinks about at that moment :)

You can get any blank sketch pad or notebook to use as your child's writing journal. With a kid's imagination, I am sure they can think of a whole lot of topics to write and draw about :)


  1. I love this idea! I can't wait for our son to be as the same age as Audrey now!


  2. My 4 year old niece will love this. She loves to write and draw! Great idea! :)