Saturday, September 28, 2013

Work vs. Play

      After my failed attempt the other day at trying to put the girls to sleep so I can squeeze in a nap for myself, I finally gave up.
     I laid down on our rubber puzzle mats and told Audrey, "I'm so sleepy. Do you know what Mama does at night when Audrey and Natalie are sleeping? I work. I do that so during the day I can spend my time playing with you and Natalie. But I am so tired now. I need to rest. Can you come here and sit near me so I can lie down on you and rest my head?"
     She willingly obliged and sat down right beside me. And as I put my head on her legs, she said, "I love you mom. Why don't I get you a soft pillow and bring it here so that you can lie down on it and rest better?" :)
      Smiley, smiley, smiley. Hearts, hearts, hearts. A loving warmth flows through me.

     Now you know why I lack sleep. I would rather spend my daytime hours playing with my girls than working. (I'm a full time mom who works from home as an architect, doing my work mostly late at night and at dawn.)
     Yes, work is important. Yes, I have deadlines. Yes, I actually like working, designing, creating, planning. But this is more important to me. I'll remember these moments more than those days when I finished a work deadline ahead of time.
     I'll have lasting memories of fun times even on regular days spent at home. I'll remember Audrey's sweet replies, my girls' hugs and kisses, laughs and smiles, and Natalie's surprise antics. I'll witness their milestones, be the first to hear their new words and tell Dad firsthand about what's new when he gets home.
     And what about work? Yes, I'll still fulfill all of my responsibilities and obligations. But this is a trade I'm willing to make. I am just praying that I somehow manage to get more sleep! :)

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