Thursday, October 31, 2013

Safe Sleep

     Babies spend a lot of time sleeping, especially when they are newborns. And as parents, it is our responsibility to make sure that their sleeping environment is safe. I've personally made sure that our baby's co-sleeper for both Audrey and Natalie have fitted bed covers and there are no pillows present while they are sleeping. We also love swaddling our babies because it makes them sleep better - it's as if they were still in mama's womb. The warmth and snugness of being wrapped around in a swaddle makes them feel secure.

    If you are an expectant parent and are looking for a safe and secure way for your baby to sleep, I recommend the Halo SleepSack. It's a very comfortable wearable blanket for babies and can be worn in two ways - very snug with your baby's arms covered (good while they're asleep) and with arms showing. 

      The Halo SleepSack is very safe and convenient. All you have to do is put baby in and zip her up - and if you've got a really strong and squirmy baby (like Natalie!), it makes swaddling a whole lot easier and quicker :) The inverted zipper also allows easy diaper change so you won't have to take out the whole swaddle even while cleaning baby up.
     Best of all, you don't have to worry about blankets or loose beddings covering your baby's face or bunching around their mouth that may cause re-breathing of carbon dioxide which both increase the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), which is considered the number one leading cause of death among very healthy infants worldwide.

       Do check out for more information on the Halo SleepSack. And if you decide to buy any Halo products, my blog readers get a 15% discount! :) Just input my blog name: The Daily Audrey before checking out from their website. This special offer is valid until November! :)

I love that this sleep sack has a roomy design for babies
who love to move their legs and kick! :)

This design is great for toddlers who like to move around and about and walk!

Natalie in the Halo SleepSack! It's easy for her to move around in it and I didn't get
any complaints while she was wearing them :P

Support Safe Sleep! :)

Back from Vacation

     I can’t believe our vacation is over and we’re back home. I really needed those two weeks of rest & relaxation --– or more precisely, a good night’s sleep, no work and some real fun with the family! J
     It is always good to “reset” and take a break! And even if I still have mommy duties, at least I don’t have to worry about work in between or finishing deadlines at night. I can concentrate on spending time with my family and my only problem would be figuring out what to do and where to go next! How I wish I could go on vacation all the time ;)
     I highly recommend it especially to working and stay at home moms or both – your destination doesn’t have to be far or expensive, as long as you have enough days to spend resting from the busyness of your usual routine and to enjoy time with your family without thinking about other things.
     I also took the opportunity to have some “me time” during our vacation – no matter how short they were. It was something that I felt I really needed! Being a mom of a toddler and a baby with no yaya really leaves you very very little time for yourself and the things that you would like to do on your own. It is good to just take some time off to think (or not think at all, haha), sit back and relax, eat or take a walk (which were some of the things that I actually did). I even found doing laundry therapeutic (I love the smell of fresh laundry!).
     I believe every mom is entitled to spend some alone time to just relax and recharge. After all, moms exert a lot of effort giving and serving every single day so it is wise to take a break every now and then to prevent yourself from getting burned out. Believe me, it can happen. 
    I’m just so thankful to have spent such a wonderful time with my husband and girls, along with my in laws. The Gold Coast is really a great place to go to when you have kids already (and also even if you don’t J). I’ll be posting photos of our Australian holiday soon!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

You & Me in the Gold Coast

     Before we were called Mama and Dada, my husband and I traveled together a whole lot :) I still have fond memories of our adventures --- the sights we saw for the first time together, the petty fights we had over food which I inevitably won (ha!), the fun we had with the new experiences and even the simple things we did while on vacation... the list goes on. I'm glad I insisted on taking all those pictures to help us remember them more :P
       Soon we will be going on a family vacation with not just two, or three - but four of us! Though this isn't the first time for us to travel with Audrey and Natalie, this will be the farthest destination to date hehe. Can't wait!

At Broadbeach

My husband and I spent a lot of our time in the beach - surfing, body boarding, or just lounging around :)
Our hotel was just a block away so walking to the beach was easy and quick.

     The Gold Coast is known for its never ending stretch of golden sand and beaches. It also has a lot of family friendly places to visit like amusement and theme parks, zoos, sanctuaries, aquariums, wildlife parks, and national parks. But simply hanging out by the beach is a great way to spend the day!

Surfing in warmer waters as compared to Bondi Beach in Sydney
where the water was ice cold! 

I can't wait to see you again very soon Gold Coast! :)
I am in desperate need of a vacation and you are the perfect destination!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Natalie's Dedication


     A couple of days ago, we dedicated Natalie to the Lord. My husband and I have been praying constantly for the day of Natalie's Dedication and preparing our hearts for it.
    As Natalie's parents, we know that we have the responsibility to take care of her and raise her well. We are her stewards, but we also know that she ultimately belongs to the Lord.
    Even Jesus was dedicated at the temple by his earthly parents, Joseph and Mary.

    So what does it mean to dedicate one's child to God?
    It means the parents are making a commitment to the Lord to bring up their child in the fear of God and faithful instruction of His word. Since Natalie is still too young to make her own choices, we take this responsibility and become accountable for her life until she is mature enough to make decisions on her own.
   When God entrusts us with children, we are not just given the task to take care of them physically but also to nourish them spiritually and emotionally.

    Psalm 127:3 says, 

     "Children are a gift from the Lord, they are a reward from Him." NLT

     Our pastor shared a wonderful message that we and all other parents and guests learned a lot from. But these three points stood out for me the most:

             We should teach our children God's word and His ways for this is the truth.

           There is life and death in words, so we should speak what is good and positive to our children and encourage them. For every single negative word we say to them, we will need to speak at least ten positive words to undo it. So we need to remember to be careful with what we say and how we say it, and be intentional in speaking words that encourage because words can impact their lives significantly.
          We also have to make it a point to keep promises that we make (because children don't forget!).

         Both Quality Time and Quantity Time are equally important. Spending only quality time with them is not enough. They want us to be there for them as much and as often as possible. For children, LOVE is spelled as T-I-M-E.

    As parents, our commitment is to provide a Christian home for our children and bring them up in the ways of the Lord. We need to live lives that won't be a stumbling block to them, but instead be worthy examples. After all, they have been entrusted to us.

   We also need to surround our children with things that are good and pure to encourage spiritual and moral growth. We are to faithfully pray and diligently teach the word of God to them.

   We also chose godparents for Natalie and their role is not just to give gifts during special occasions (as is commonly expected in our culture), but to serve as a support for us, the parents of Natalie, as we bring her up and raise her. Like us, they are requested to faithfully pray for their godchild and teach her God's word whenever there is an opportunity. 

Our photos during the Dedication officiated by Pastor Ariel Marquez.

     While listening to our pastor's message I was truly blessed and encouraged. I knew that as a parent, I had a big responsibility on my hands. Motherhood is a role that I truly am thankful for and I am amazed at just how I can impact the lives of my children and the generations to come. 

     I encourage you to read Victoria Osteen's Thoughts on Family which talks about Leaving a Legacy of Faith, Words to Build a Home and Praying for your Children

"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, 
for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."    
                                                          - Mark 10:14 NIV

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Umbrellas and a Bike

    A couple of days before Mama had to send the invites for Natalie's birthday party, we had a little pictorial outdoors. Mama needed the right photo to put on the invite so she asked for Ninang Vit's help. We needed a venue and some props to complete the look. Thank God we had good weather that afternoon :)

Here I am with the cute little "subject" :)

Ahh, that smile. Precious!

Baby sis surprised our pictorial spectators - they didn't know she was already walking! haha :)

Mom and I love this photo! :) All smiles!

Oops! Nalie getting a bit tired and started asking for "carry" ;) (I know the feeling!)

The winning shot! :)

And of course Mom took pictures of me too... and I willingly obliged :)
The umbrellas were just props by the way! 
It wasn't raining, not even drizzling. 
see why we needed them when Mama posts Natalie's party photos ;)

Aaand here's another one!

Ninang Vit's cute vintage bike with a basket! Those yellow mums look perfect in it.

   Thanks again Ninang Vit for helping us and for being our production assistant for this impromptu shoot :)