Thursday, October 31, 2013

Back from Vacation

     I can’t believe our vacation is over and we’re back home. I really needed those two weeks of rest & relaxation --– or more precisely, a good night’s sleep, no work and some real fun with the family! J
     It is always good to “reset” and take a break! And even if I still have mommy duties, at least I don’t have to worry about work in between or finishing deadlines at night. I can concentrate on spending time with my family and my only problem would be figuring out what to do and where to go next! How I wish I could go on vacation all the time ;)
     I highly recommend it especially to working and stay at home moms or both – your destination doesn’t have to be far or expensive, as long as you have enough days to spend resting from the busyness of your usual routine and to enjoy time with your family without thinking about other things.
     I also took the opportunity to have some “me time” during our vacation – no matter how short they were. It was something that I felt I really needed! Being a mom of a toddler and a baby with no yaya really leaves you very very little time for yourself and the things that you would like to do on your own. It is good to just take some time off to think (or not think at all, haha), sit back and relax, eat or take a walk (which were some of the things that I actually did). I even found doing laundry therapeutic (I love the smell of fresh laundry!).
     I believe every mom is entitled to spend some alone time to just relax and recharge. After all, moms exert a lot of effort giving and serving every single day so it is wise to take a break every now and then to prevent yourself from getting burned out. Believe me, it can happen. 
    I’m just so thankful to have spent such a wonderful time with my husband and girls, along with my in laws. The Gold Coast is really a great place to go to when you have kids already (and also even if you don’t J). I’ll be posting photos of our Australian holiday soon!

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