Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Umbrellas and a Bike

    A couple of days before Mama had to send the invites for Natalie's birthday party, we had a little pictorial outdoors. Mama needed the right photo to put on the invite so she asked for Ninang Vit's help. We needed a venue and some props to complete the look. Thank God we had good weather that afternoon :)

Here I am with the cute little "subject" :)

Ahh, that smile. Precious!

Baby sis surprised our pictorial spectators - they didn't know she was already walking! haha :)

Mom and I love this photo! :) All smiles!

Oops! Nalie getting a bit tired and started asking for "carry" ;) (I know the feeling!)

The winning shot! :)

And of course Mom took pictures of me too... and I willingly obliged :)
The umbrellas were just props by the way! 
It wasn't raining, not even drizzling. 
see why we needed them when Mama posts Natalie's party photos ;)

Aaand here's another one!

Ninang Vit's cute vintage bike with a basket! Those yellow mums look perfect in it.

   Thanks again Ninang Vit for helping us and for being our production assistant for this impromptu shoot :)


  1. Can I have a picture taken with you little girl, Audrey when I get to see you again in ATC? Pretty please... cutey =)