Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sea World Australia

     On our Gold Coast family trip last October, our first theme park stop was Sea World. I was pretty excited for the girls, but especially for Natalie because it will be her first time to see water creatures up close.

     After eating a quick lunch, we headed to the Penguin Encounter. And although I've been to aquariums and seen penguins many times before, I just love watching them like it's the first time I've seen these lovable creatures :)

Now look who's loving them too! :)
Caught some penguin lovers exchanging a kiss heehee

It was a bright and sunny, but not so hot day! Thanks to the cool breeze :)

Checking out the dolphins playing in the nursery.
We wanted to see the dolphin show but missed it.
Maybe next time! I hope hehe

Had some ice cream while deciding on where to go next.
My husband wanted to try the rides but it was too windy that day and they would close it from time to time, so he didn't get a chance. Tsk tsk!

We then watched the Dora's Best Friends Adventure show and it was a hit with the girls!

See that smile? haha :)

Another show that we all enjoyed was the Sea Lion Fish Detectives show.
It was very entertaining and both girls loved it too :)

This sea lion was pretty smart hehe

At Shark Bay

Loved watching the fish, sharks and sea creatures in an underwater aquarium

And finally, we checked out the big polar bear who just woke up from his nap.
The pre-school ones are the baby polar bears and they were still asleep :)

Give Thanks

                                  Background photo by Sheila Juan Catilo

Friday, November 29, 2013

Making a Birth Plan

     One of the things that I initially had no clue about during my first pregnancy was making a Birth Plan. I had asked my mommy friends about it and my good friend Tintin, who was pregnant with her second baby already, sent me a sample. It was the format that I followed for my Birth Plan with Audrey, but made it more tailor suited for me. 
      For Natalie, my second baby, I decided to research further because my Birth Plan would be a bit more different. I found this one by Katie Kimball who shared her Bradley Method Birth Plan online at:

     I used it as my new guide and added what was applicable for the VBAC birth that I wanted. Here is a sample of the Birth Plan that I prepared.

Birth Plan – YOUR NAME

Due Date: ________________________________
Patient of: ________________________________
Scheduled to deliver at: _____________________________________________________

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us have a natural, unmedicated childbirth insofar as that is safe and viable for mom and baby. I am trying for a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean and would appreciate all the help and support that I can get.


Upon arrival, we request:
  • For my husband to be in the room with me during labor.
  • I would like to be free to walk around during labor.
  • I wish to be able to move around and change position at will throughout labor.
  • I would like to be able to have fluids by mouth throughout the first stage of labor.
  • I would like my husband to be able to give me ice chips and be ready with a cold wash cloth as labor progresses and gets stronger.
  • I want to manage my pain through breathing techniques and massage if possible.
  • Allow freedom of movement as much as possible when it shows that baby is doing well through the external fetal monitor.
  • Internal exams done extremely infrequently/only when absolutely necessary                       by the same person if possible
  • We'd like to discuss antibiotic use during labor before anything is done
  • Please refrain from injecting anything else through the IV without informing or consulting us and our doctor

**If mother and baby are doing well, we prefer to:

  • Avoid artificial induction at all times, including
    • waiting 12 hours+ if water breaks at onset of labor
    • going past estimated due date
    • not break the bag of waters artificially
  • Use natural induction techniques first if necessary to induce or speed up labor
  • Use the lowest dose of Pitocin possible if artificial induction is absolutely necessary
  • Have an undefined, unhurried time to labor  - even if in a latent phase/dilation not increasing

General labor procedures:

  • Please do not suggest medication unless we insist or ask for it already
  • Allow Mom to eat/snack and drink if my doctor allows this as well
  • We would like much freedom to move about, try many positions and use a Pilates ball or the shower if it will help with the management of labor pains

Anesthesia/Pain Medication

  • Please do not offer pain medication. I would like to have a standard epidural only upon request.


  • Unless totally and absolutely necessary or unsafe for mom and baby, I would like to avoid a repeat Cesarean.
  • I would like my husband present at all times if my baby requires a Cesarean delivery.
  • I would like to have immediate contact with my baby if she is in good health, and have her latch on to me and breastfeed if possible.
  • I wish to have a spinal epidural for anesthesia.
    • Please note that I have a history of asthma and a previous C-section administration of anesthesia caused an attack in the operating room.
    • Also, my previous recovery after the surgery took more than 2 hours and I had consistent vomiting every 15-20 minutes.
  • I would prefer a bikini cut for the C-section.


We would prefer:
  • To be free of time limits on pushing, to try many positions for as long as it is still safe for mom and baby
  • Perineal support with warm washcloth; naturally slow down pushing to allow perineum to stretch
  • If necessary, the smallest episiotomy cut if possible while pushing the baby out, and with our doctor’s approval; If this is not at all possible, we would like to go with what our doctor thinks would be best for the situation.
    •  If I am successful in delivering the baby out naturally and unmedicated, local anesthesia for the episiotomy is definitely welcome.
  • I would like my husband and/or nurses to support me and my legs as necessary during the pushing stage.

We would like to:
  • Hold the baby immediately after birth on mom’s stomach/chest; have her latch on and breastfeed ASAP
  • Wait until the umbilical cord stops pulsing (mostly) before it is cut if possible
  • If possible, deliver the placenta unassisted and avoid Pitocin after birth. 
  • Drink cold/iced orange juice to replace fluids and raise blood sugar, potassium levels.
  • Have all newborn procedures done in the room and delayed until after feeding.
  • I do not wish to have any bottles given to my baby (including glucose water or plain water).
o       Please avoid all artificial nipples (bottles, pacifiers) at all times.
  • Unless required for health reasons, I do not wish to be separated from my baby.
  • If my baby must be taken from me to receive medical treatment, my husband or some other person I designate will accompany my baby at all times.
  • We would like to request for the baby to room in with us if Mom is able to recover quickly and in good condition to take care of the baby.

We would like:
  • To bring our ipod to play music if necessary to help with labor and relaxation.
  • Lights dimmed in birthing room during labor.
  • To bring our own camera/s to take photos during labor and birth.
  • Husband and wife together at all times; no other family/visitors present at labor and birth
  • I would like my husband to be able to stay and sleep in my room.
o       I would like my immediate family to be able to visit me and the baby in our room later on.

      Even though hospitals don't always follow your birth plan to a T, it is always good to have one. It serves as your personal guide as to how you want your birth experience to be and helps you set your goals way before the big day. This is important because you don't want to make major decisions when you are already there at the hospital and about to give birth. The last thing you want to happen is make a hurried decision that you will regret later on. 
     A wise thing to do is prepare a birth plan a few months before your due date and discuss it with your doctor so that you can make the necessary adjustments if needed. This will help you get ready not just physically but emotionally. 
    Be sure to prepare at least 2 copies when you finally pack up your hospital bag so you can hand one over to the nurses at the Birthing Center when you arrive and keep another in your bag just in case ;)

The Bradley Method of Natural Chilbirth - Part 4

The Pushing Stage

     A mom to be's hard work is both an emotional and physical roller coaster ride. The mix of pain, excitement and physical labor is bound to test a mommy's endurance. But the thought of finally meeting her little one is what gives her strength.
    I remember working sooo hard during the pushing stage. My driving force was both the desire to see my baby and put an end to the excruciating pain of labor. I knew the contractions were part of my body's natural tendency to help bring the baby out so I did my best to work with them. As a VBAC candidate, I was also under time pressure. My doctor gently reminded me that I will need to get the baby out as soon as I can to avoid any kind of complications or a possible tear on my previous C-section scar, not to mention being given a dose of anesthesia due to the stress (which I was really trying to avoid for Natalie's birth). All of these criteria put together was enough to push me to work hard on my most physically challenging exercise to date. 

    Here are some helpful tips from the Bradley Method book that I was studying which I used as a guide during the Pushing Stage. This first list is for your Coach. These notes were taken from Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way by Susan McCutcheon - I just put them in bullet points below, as I did in my note cards to make it easier for my husband to review and remember. My own notes are in italics.

     Things to watch for when she goes into Pushing Position:
  • Be sure she's not clasping her hands together under her legs (that would keep her legs together and restrict the opening)
  • Watch that she is not holding her hands in fists
  • Make sure she is not hunching her shoulders or arching her feet back
  • Every part of her that is not part of the pushing process should be relaxed
  • Make sure she is not puffing up her cheeks and turning red in the face
  • It is better for her to take a deep breath and hold it by closing her throat than by keeping her mouth full of air
  • Her face should be relaxed- a wrinkled brow won't help get the baby out
    Holding her hand or letting her hug your arm will be a big help! And don't forget to keep encouraging her with a relaxed and soothing voice :)

   Remember to establish a good atmosphere and mood. Make sure she hears the gentle enthusiasm, confidence, energy and not fatigue in your voice.

   This next checklist is for the Mom to be. I did my best to remember every single tip and trick here and it really helped me.

     Breathing in the Pushing Stage:

  • Wait for the contraction to begin, then take a deep breath and let it all out without pushing. 
    One of the tips that proved to be helpful to me was pretending as if I were swimming under water so it's easy to grasp the concept of breathing deeply and holding my breath in.

  • Then, take a second deep breath - just fill your chest and abdomen and exhale completely, still without pushing.
  • Take a third deep breath. As you do, lift your legs slowly and gently back to the pushing position.
      The third breath is the one you will hold while you push down because this is the one that should go with the pushing contraction and it is when your uterus is now really hard at work. 

      It's actually quite a matter of timing. Even if in my own experience, I ended up taking only one deep breath instead of two, I found a way to make it work. Just try to gauge how many breaths you will need. You will know it when it's time.

  • You will push as long as you comfortably can. When you can no longer hold your breath, put your head back to open up your throat, exhale completely and take one more deep full breath.
  • Now put your head back down toward your chest and push with this fourth breath as long as you can. Your contraction will now be over. The muscles have stopped to rest and you can too.
      Since this was the first time I gave birth the natural way, this information about pushing and breathing really was all new to me. Even if this guide was really very helpful, I still had to listen well to the coaching of the nurses and my doctor during the pushing stage. It really helped me a lot because there were moments when I would sometimes forget what to do.
      As long as baby is not out, this cycle just repeats itself. The pushing contraction comes in waves so don't worry because you will have some rest time. :)

For the Coach:
      The important thing to remember about the Pushing Stage is NOT to tell her to inhale, exhale, since you cannot know when one breath is done and another is needed, but to ENCOURAGE HER to take the next breath when she is ready.
     If you are a mom to be and giving birth anytime soon, do practice the above tips with your husband or coach (if he is not available during time of birth). It is always best to be prepared and have knowledge about what you are supposed to do especially at this VERY VERY important milestone in your life! :)

Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way by Susan McCutcheon

Friday, November 22, 2013

My Flower Girl

     Exactly a year ago, Audrey was asked to be a flower girl for her Ninong Pat and Tita Patty! This was fun and exciting for a mom like me, who was once somebody's flower girl too :) 

A flower girl at about 6 years... was wearing white and a head wreath :)
Just like Audrey! See photos below ;)

Audrey was happy to be a flower girl! :)
Natalie was barely two months old so she couldn't be a flower girl yet, haha!

Before the wedding ceremony began
Photo by Catilo Photography

Much as we would have wanted to see all the flower girls walk down the aisle, three of them already ran out of energy by the time they had to walk. And one of the three was Audrey! Dada had to carry her down the aisle :)

Posing for photos with the newlyweds ;)

Showing her flower girl basket

      I always love looking at Audrey's flower girl pics! These photos are definitely for keeps!

    Happy first year anniversary to the Pats! :)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Our Thailand Getaway

     When I got confirmation that I needed to go to Phuket and Bangkok for a project last September, it was a mix of both excitement and concern. I have never been to Thailand before and I love the beach! And it was also a great work opportunity for me. However, I was still breastfeeding Natalie, my eleven month old at the time. She is quite attached to mama and there are times when no matter what my husband did, she would only calm down in my presence. She was still at that stage of major dependence on me, and I wasn't sure how long it would take before she becomes an independent little one. I knew that day would come, like it did with Audrey, but not just yet. So leaving Natalie then with my husband was not an option :) haha.
     So my husband and I had two choices - either I leave Audrey with him and bring Natalie with me, which I figured was gonna be quite difficult especially since I will actually be working during this trip... Or I just go ahead and bring everyone along with me! :) 
     And as you've guessed, the second option won and my work trip also became an impromptu family getaway to Thailand! :)
     Needless to say, our short family trip was fun and exciting! Here are some of our photos :)

For this trip, Audrey gets her own seat. Past 2 years old means we have to pay for airfare already :S For Natalie's ticket we were charged a percentage of the adult fare, but in most airlines, below 2 years is free and they will charge only for taxes and fuel surcharge. So if you are planning a trip with your little one, do check the airline rules.

This was Natalie's first out of the country trip and her first time on a plane.
So far so good :) Just had to stop her from trying to eat the box of the inflatable
toy airplane after we took a photo! haha!

Since I brought my family along to my work trip, I was allowed to choose our hotel although I would have to cover for anything above the trip budget. It was still worth it because we were so happy with Boathouse Phuket, our beachfront resort hotel on Kata Beach.

Our family suite was perfect! Once Audrey saw another bed, she excitedly announced that she was sharing this bed with Natalie :) The room was really cozy and comfy, and I loved the interiors (which apparently was designed by one of Thailand's famous architects during their recent renovation). I really loved the bathroom too - it was big and spacious, about half the size of our room!
What I like about our hotel too is that they prepared everything that I requested for and more - a crib for Natalie was ready, and they provided us with a baby tub, potty seat and baby toiletries. I knew that even though I was working, once we get back to our resort, I can finally relax, unwind and enjoy time with my family.
The view from our room shows the kiddie pool and part of the main dining area.
We actually arrived in Phuket in the afternoon already. We left Manila at about 9am and arrived in Bangkok past 12nn. An hour long connecting flight brought us to Phuket and our pre-booked hotel transfer took another 45 minutes drive to Kata Beach. It was quite a long way to our destination but thankfully the kids just slept most of the way. Once we got to the hotel, we wasted no time and got into our swimsuits and enjoyed the beautiful sunset by the beach :)

Audrey in her pink swimsuit :)
Ready to eat and swim after! (before Mama goes to work)

Breakfast was pretty good! They served a lot of fresh fruits, juices, cold cuts, cheese, different types of bread and the yummiest yogurt! Best of all, we get to eat with a beautiful view of the beach :)

Kata Beach had very nice powdery sand - not as white as Boracay but the texture was pretty much the same (which pleasantly surprised me haha). The water though was not exactly calm, especially around September which is when we were here. It's good for surfing (the waves don't look as big in the pictures but they get quite high especially come afternoon), but extra caution must be taken when swimming as the currents are pretty strong and tricky. My husband and I just took turns swimming in the beach and let the girls swim in the pool instead.

We had fun swimming in the kiddie pool! :) 

Audrey was in her 'posing like a model' mode in these pictures! :) I loved her photos haha!

The sisters by the beach!
We walked along the beach to get to Surf House Phuket, where I was going to have my work meeting. This is the most physically challenging and most fun meeting I've had to date! We tried the Flow Rider machine (for flow surfing which I realized was very different from surfing in terms of technique) in between talks with my clients :) 

Natalie in her portable baby seat while waiting for mom at Surf House :)
Uh oh, I see a pout! haha :D (it was quite hot so she wanted out)

Our stay at Boathouse was short but fun! Will really miss our room and awesome bathroom haha!

Upon arriving from our Phuket flight in the evening, the girls immediately got comfortable in our bed at Arize Hotel Sukhumvit, Bangkok. This was a nice and modern business hotel which was near where I was going to have my other meeting the next day.

Breakfast was awesome (as you can see on my face - and Natalie's :D haha)
The buffet spread was generous and oh so yummy! That long table behind me was filled all the way to the other end - you can choose from Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Continental dishes.

Another meeting at Flow House Bangkok this time. Lunch at their deli was pretty good :)
After work we had to head back to our hotel to pack up and leave for the airport. There was no time to shop, as this was not the agenda for the trip anyway haha! I did finish my Thai Baht at the airport buying some books for Audrey, Thai cookbooks, and some Thai tapioca with coconut milk and sweet mangoes! (which never made it to Manila hehehe)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Yolanda Relief

If you would like to participate in the relief efforts by donating your time and resources 
for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda, kindly click on the image above to see how you can be of help. 
You may also go to Victory Churches to help repack goods :)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Eat with Natalie - Baby's First Foods

     Even as a second time mom, I had to refresh my memory when it came to feeding Natalie solids for the first time. If I could summarize though what I would want my baby to eat in two words, it would be Fresh and Organic. My mom fed me homemade fresh foods as a baby and she believes that it is the main reason why I was a very healthy child and rarely got sick even as I was growing up.
     I basically followed my pediatrician's recommendations as my main source of info on what to start with, coupled with a bit of research from books.

     As an introduction to solids, you need to feed baby foods that are easily digested and least likely to trigger allergies. For the first 2 weeks, my doctor recommends to give rice cereal (plain, soy based, whole grain brown rice is ok but no wheat). You can mix 2 teaspoons of rice cereal with breastmilk, which is what I always do so baby can still taste a familiar flavor and get nutrients that come with mama's milk. You can introduce other kinds of cereals after two weeks but one kind at a time with a 3-5 day allowance to see any possible reactions from the food. 
     Since I am quite a busy mom, I opted to buy organic rice cereal for Natalie for the first 2 weeks. A good brand to try is Earth's Best which is what I also gave Audrey. It was just out of stock in Healthy Options at the time I needed it so I chose the Happy Bellies brand which is pretty good as well. 

    After the first 2 weeks, it was time to get to work on the mashed or pureed fresh fruits and vegetables. Here is a list of what I gave Natalie:

very ripe banana
sweet potato or camote
spinach pureed with breastmilk
malunggay pureed with breastmilk (with sweet potato if already introduced)

     I tried to start with vegetables, so that Natalie doesn't get used to the sweet taste of fruits and reject foods with a bland or plain flavor. I remember reading somewhere about this and although I haven't really confirmed this theory since I have never started my girls with something sweet, I am quite happy that they both just ate whatever I gave them. So maybe it does work haha :P 
    You can give the fruits fresh or stew them, like with apples. For the vegetables, I either baked, steamed or boiled them before serving and always added breastmilk. I also skipped the salt, but if you would like to bring out the flavor of the vegetables, you can add just a teeny bit - just be careful not to make it too salty.
     Delay giving citruses and berries as a precaution for possible allergies.

     After about a month of introducing her to cereals, fruits and veggies, you can start giving protein in the form of lean meats such as:

lean ground beef
chicken breast
liver (although I didn't give her this one hehe)

     You may add these to vegetables and brown rice. Remember to start with fresh veggies with chicken or beef broth only and if tolerated, proceed with the meat introduction. 
      I also gave Natalie organic pearled barley or organic brown rice (which I ground before cooking - so it becomes mushy and cooking time is shortened). I then added veggies and ground beef or chicken to it.
    Yogurt and tofu are also good sources of protein, but if you are to give yogurt, make sure it is the plain, unsweetened kind and has live bacteria to promote good intestinal health. Choose whole milk yogurt instead of low fat because your baby needs the fats. Also avoid yogurt with artificial sweeteners. Always check the ingredients! :)

Important Notes to Remember:

    Don't forget to give the same food for 3-5 consecutive days before introducing another one so you can test for allergies if any. 
    Delay eggs and citruses past 9 months or till she turns a year old.
    Don't give baby honey until after a year old.

Be prepared to get all sorts of reactions from baby as she tries out solid foods for the first time! 
She will either give you a sour face, shake her head or try to escape!
Don't give up though, it's usually only in the beginning... but if it persists, then just persevere :)

     Feeding Natalie solids wasn't quite as easy as Audrey. I had a lot of different facial reactions, as evidenced by the photos above. This went on for a few weeks - every time I introduced a not so great tasting food, she would reject it. She usually just took a few bites and then didn't want any more. Whenever she saw the green spoon, her head would turn away from it. 
      Based on other babies I know and a few books I've read, I ditched the spoon for a while and let Natalie pick up the food herself. I also prepared foods that weren't so mushy anymore but can be cut up into very small pieces. Instead of super soft rice, I let her eat the more solid grains that we ate. She then started enjoying feeding time! I let her eat on her own and ignored the mess on the tray and on the floor - after all, it was a learning process. And eating messy was better than not eating at all! 
       And babies learn fast - she knew how to pick up the food and put it in her mouth. When I placed the fork and spoon beside her bowl, she also started mimicking my eating movements and Audrey's. 
      Babies just have different eating styles. Some are ok with being fed with a spoon by mom or dad, but others prefer to do the feeding on their own. Just be sure to check which type of baby yours is before thinking that she's not interested in eating :)

Our happy baby smiling during feeding time! :)

Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron

Friday, November 1, 2013

Taal Vista Hotel

     Last September, we spent the weekend over at Taal Vista Hotel. Tagaytay has always been one of my favorite places to visit, and even though we were busy with a whole lot of things at the time, we made sure we found time for this! I am so glad we did :)
     This post is actually quite delayed! But it's ok because later on you will find out why ;) I've just been so swamped with work the last few months, with preparing for Natalie's Dedication and 1st Birthday, and trips for both work and play! I just didn't want to post an entry for the sake of posting right away -- I wanted to write about our wonderful experience and do our very accommodating hosts justice. As you will see in the photos below, our stay was not just fun-filled but food-filled! :9 

This is the awesome view from our balcony!

Our room was very comfy and fit our family of four!
As you can see, Natalie is very relaxed on the bed :) 

If you have a baby in tow, just request for a crib and the hotel will gladly provide one.
We placed ours by the glass window so Natalie could see the view when she's bored ;)

So many dishes and treats to choose from for lunch at Cafe on the Ridge!
And they provide entertainment as well - we were serenaded with acoustic versions of pop songs such as "Baby" by Justin Bieber, one of Audrey's favorite songs, haha! :)

We took lots of photos with the view and all over. Loved their garden and pool!
      I'm pretty sure that if you've ever been to Tagaytay, chances are you've stopped by Taal Vista to take photos with the Taal lake and volcano as your view. This hotel still has one of the best views of Taal, so I'm not surprised that a lot of couples book their weddings here. There's a lot of space and the service is great! On the weekend that we stayed at Taal Vista, there were two weddings that were held there. And if you're worried about rain, don't be -- they have big ballrooms that can accommodate indoor events too just in case :)

Natalie and I are ready for dinner!

Our hosts treated us to this special dinner together with my in laws, Pat and Patty, and the Cuyugan family. The setup by the garden was really lovely and the food was divine! Check out the photos below. And get ready to drool! :9

Our appetizer was Atlantic Smoked Salmon with Crispy Mesclun Greens in Pineapple Vinaigrette 
and we had the yummiest soup which I finished before I realized I had forgotten to take a picture! 
It was Wild Mushroom Capuccino with Truffle Oil, yum!
The main course was Beef Fillet Mignon and Prawns with Potato Ragout and 

Vegetable in Demi Glazed Jus -- aahh, it was delicious!
For dessert we had Moist Choco Brownies with Dulce de Leche Nut Cream 
and a refreshing Banana Jackfruit Sorbet! Everything just went together!
They also prepared Chicken Nuggets with Fries and Dip for Audrey :)

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day (and it's not just because it's the first one I get to eat hehe), so I was delighted to see a great selection of breakfast favorites at their cafe. There were waffles (Audrey's fave!), pancakes with assorted syrups, fresh fruits, different types of bread, champorado, rice and Filipino dishes such as beef tapa, tocino, and crispy fish! You can ask for coffee or tea to go with it too. It was a wonderful way to start the day!
After breakfast, Audrey went swimming with her Ninong Pat at the hotel pool :)

My family and I certainly enjoyed our stay at Taal Vista Hotel! 
Besides the wonderful facilities, view and good food, their service was great! :)

And you can get a chance to enjoy this too since I am 
giving away a Gift Certificate for an 
Overnight Stay in a Premier Lake Wing Room 
with Buffet Breakfast for Two (2)!!! :)
See below for the Giveaway Mechanics :)

The staycationers together with our very friendly and accommodating hosts Celine Arenillo, Treena Tecson and the rest of the Taal Vista Staff -- my family and I would like to Thank You all again sooo much for taking care of us so well! A BIG Thank You also to Mr. Walid Wafik, Taal Vista Hotel's General Manager. We really loved our stay!

Staycation Giveaway Mechanics:

1. LIKE the Taal Vista Hotel Facebook Page at
2. FOLLOW Taal Vista Hotel on Twitter @TaalVistaHotel and The Daily Audrey @DailyAudrey
3. EMAIL me by November 9, 2013 and let me know why you deserve a Staycation at Taal Vista Hotel :) 
    Please don't forget to include your Full Name, Address and Contact Number. Winner will be notified via email ;)