Friday, November 22, 2013

My Flower Girl

     Exactly a year ago, Audrey was asked to be a flower girl for her Ninong Pat and Tita Patty! This was fun and exciting for a mom like me, who was once somebody's flower girl too :) 

A flower girl at about 6 years... was wearing white and a head wreath :)
Just like Audrey! See photos below ;)

Audrey was happy to be a flower girl! :)
Natalie was barely two months old so she couldn't be a flower girl yet, haha!

Before the wedding ceremony began
Photo by Catilo Photography

Much as we would have wanted to see all the flower girls walk down the aisle, three of them already ran out of energy by the time they had to walk. And one of the three was Audrey! Dada had to carry her down the aisle :)

Posing for photos with the newlyweds ;)

Showing her flower girl basket

      I always love looking at Audrey's flower girl pics! These photos are definitely for keeps!

    Happy first year anniversary to the Pats! :)

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