Thursday, November 21, 2013

Our Thailand Getaway

     When I got confirmation that I needed to go to Phuket and Bangkok for a project last September, it was a mix of both excitement and concern. I have never been to Thailand before and I love the beach! And it was also a great work opportunity for me. However, I was still breastfeeding Natalie, my eleven month old at the time. She is quite attached to mama and there are times when no matter what my husband did, she would only calm down in my presence. She was still at that stage of major dependence on me, and I wasn't sure how long it would take before she becomes an independent little one. I knew that day would come, like it did with Audrey, but not just yet. So leaving Natalie then with my husband was not an option :) haha.
     So my husband and I had two choices - either I leave Audrey with him and bring Natalie with me, which I figured was gonna be quite difficult especially since I will actually be working during this trip... Or I just go ahead and bring everyone along with me! :) 
     And as you've guessed, the second option won and my work trip also became an impromptu family getaway to Thailand! :)
     Needless to say, our short family trip was fun and exciting! Here are some of our photos :)

For this trip, Audrey gets her own seat. Past 2 years old means we have to pay for airfare already :S For Natalie's ticket we were charged a percentage of the adult fare, but in most airlines, below 2 years is free and they will charge only for taxes and fuel surcharge. So if you are planning a trip with your little one, do check the airline rules.

This was Natalie's first out of the country trip and her first time on a plane.
So far so good :) Just had to stop her from trying to eat the box of the inflatable
toy airplane after we took a photo! haha!

Since I brought my family along to my work trip, I was allowed to choose our hotel although I would have to cover for anything above the trip budget. It was still worth it because we were so happy with Boathouse Phuket, our beachfront resort hotel on Kata Beach.

Our family suite was perfect! Once Audrey saw another bed, she excitedly announced that she was sharing this bed with Natalie :) The room was really cozy and comfy, and I loved the interiors (which apparently was designed by one of Thailand's famous architects during their recent renovation). I really loved the bathroom too - it was big and spacious, about half the size of our room!
What I like about our hotel too is that they prepared everything that I requested for and more - a crib for Natalie was ready, and they provided us with a baby tub, potty seat and baby toiletries. I knew that even though I was working, once we get back to our resort, I can finally relax, unwind and enjoy time with my family.
The view from our room shows the kiddie pool and part of the main dining area.
We actually arrived in Phuket in the afternoon already. We left Manila at about 9am and arrived in Bangkok past 12nn. An hour long connecting flight brought us to Phuket and our pre-booked hotel transfer took another 45 minutes drive to Kata Beach. It was quite a long way to our destination but thankfully the kids just slept most of the way. Once we got to the hotel, we wasted no time and got into our swimsuits and enjoyed the beautiful sunset by the beach :)

Audrey in her pink swimsuit :)
Ready to eat and swim after! (before Mama goes to work)

Breakfast was pretty good! They served a lot of fresh fruits, juices, cold cuts, cheese, different types of bread and the yummiest yogurt! Best of all, we get to eat with a beautiful view of the beach :)

Kata Beach had very nice powdery sand - not as white as Boracay but the texture was pretty much the same (which pleasantly surprised me haha). The water though was not exactly calm, especially around September which is when we were here. It's good for surfing (the waves don't look as big in the pictures but they get quite high especially come afternoon), but extra caution must be taken when swimming as the currents are pretty strong and tricky. My husband and I just took turns swimming in the beach and let the girls swim in the pool instead.

We had fun swimming in the kiddie pool! :) 

Audrey was in her 'posing like a model' mode in these pictures! :) I loved her photos haha!

The sisters by the beach!
We walked along the beach to get to Surf House Phuket, where I was going to have my work meeting. This is the most physically challenging and most fun meeting I've had to date! We tried the Flow Rider machine (for flow surfing which I realized was very different from surfing in terms of technique) in between talks with my clients :) 

Natalie in her portable baby seat while waiting for mom at Surf House :)
Uh oh, I see a pout! haha :D (it was quite hot so she wanted out)

Our stay at Boathouse was short but fun! Will really miss our room and awesome bathroom haha!

Upon arriving from our Phuket flight in the evening, the girls immediately got comfortable in our bed at Arize Hotel Sukhumvit, Bangkok. This was a nice and modern business hotel which was near where I was going to have my other meeting the next day.

Breakfast was awesome (as you can see on my face - and Natalie's :D haha)
The buffet spread was generous and oh so yummy! That long table behind me was filled all the way to the other end - you can choose from Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Continental dishes.

Another meeting at Flow House Bangkok this time. Lunch at their deli was pretty good :)
After work we had to head back to our hotel to pack up and leave for the airport. There was no time to shop, as this was not the agenda for the trip anyway haha! I did finish my Thai Baht at the airport buying some books for Audrey, Thai cookbooks, and some Thai tapioca with coconut milk and sweet mangoes! (which never made it to Manila hehehe)

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