Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sea World Australia

     On our Gold Coast family trip last October, our first theme park stop was Sea World. I was pretty excited for the girls, but especially for Natalie because it will be her first time to see water creatures up close.

     After eating a quick lunch, we headed to the Penguin Encounter. And although I've been to aquariums and seen penguins many times before, I just love watching them like it's the first time I've seen these lovable creatures :)

Now look who's loving them too! :)
Caught some penguin lovers exchanging a kiss heehee

It was a bright and sunny, but not so hot day! Thanks to the cool breeze :)

Checking out the dolphins playing in the nursery.
We wanted to see the dolphin show but missed it.
Maybe next time! I hope hehe

Had some ice cream while deciding on where to go next.
My husband wanted to try the rides but it was too windy that day and they would close it from time to time, so he didn't get a chance. Tsk tsk!

We then watched the Dora's Best Friends Adventure show and it was a hit with the girls!

See that smile? haha :)

Another show that we all enjoyed was the Sea Lion Fish Detectives show.
It was very entertaining and both girls loved it too :)

This sea lion was pretty smart hehe

At Shark Bay

Loved watching the fish, sharks and sea creatures in an underwater aquarium

And finally, we checked out the big polar bear who just woke up from his nap.
The pre-school ones are the baby polar bears and they were still asleep :)

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