Monday, December 2, 2013

Australian Model Homes

     One of my favorite things to do since I was in seventh grade was look at houses for sale with my friends. It was just nice to take a look at how the interiors of a house was laid out and how interesting the design of the exterior was. 
    Looking at model homes was no different - and it was even more exciting because the developers and designers already give you a feel of what it's like to live in that particular house complete with furniture and accessories.
    And because I absolutely love Australian architecture and design, checking out model homes was a welcome activity during our vacation. Even my whole family enjoyed our 'window shopping' adventure :)

We checked out probably no less than 10 houses... I wasn't even able to keep count!
Audrey was game and loved playing pretend! haha!

Love the feel of these interiors!
I also really like the open kitchen since you can entertain guests while cooking ;)

The little girl in us loved this cozy blue room! :)

A lot of wood added warmth to this lanai setup

With my sis in law Patty and Audrey. We had fun 'dreaming' about living in one of these houses! hahaha! :) 

This couch was just too inviting... we felt so at home! :) :) :)

Natalie slowly took a peek at the cute lion in this comfy bedroom :)

I love modern, bright and clean bathrooms! (literally and figuratively)

I like the exterior of this house because of the modern and clean details plus the warmth that the wood gives

Really liked this outdoor setup... only a swimming pool is missing!

Now look who had fun?! :) Told you it wasn't just me ;)

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