Saturday, December 21, 2013

Family Photos

    When my baby sister Natalie was exactly 14 months old (that would be last November!), we had our family photos taken by Tita Sheila Catilo. And as with all the other pictures that she took of us in the past, these turned out to be beautiful :) Take a look and see!

I love the outdoors! It made a great backdrop for our photos :)
So I was doing the side profile smile here... how does it look? ;)
This is one of mom's favorite shots - everyone was smiling!
(except Natalie didn't show her teeth, she has 3! heehee)
Mama asked for a kiss from me so she got one!
And then she asked for one from Natalie too! :) Lucky lucky!

Playing with bubbles! my favorite :)
We had so much fun! :) :) :) :)

 We have so many more photos but we'll share them next time! :) 
There are just too many awesome shots! ;)

Photos by Catilo Photography

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