Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Fireworks by the Beach

     Love watching fireworks? I do :) But tonight we've decided to just stay indoors and be a bit more relaxed. We might miss out on some great pyrotechnic displays but it should be alright for a change. New Year's Eve isn't the only time we can watch fireworks anyway :) 
   On our trip to Hawaii last year, we were able to enjoy a spectacular fireworks display by the beach! This for me is the best way to watch these sparkly firecrackers! The Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort - where we stayed at, has a fireworks display every Friday night (so I made sure we were there over the weekend on our way home from Seattle). It was quite an unforgettable experience and I would love to do it again ;)

People gather at the beach by dusk to secure really good spots for the show

We set up our beach towel on the sand so we could lie down and relax anytime :)
Audrey was a year & 9 months old here and Natalie is right there inside my tummy
at almost 6 months (so she actually didn't miss out much haha!)

Little Wahine Audrey in her Hawaiian dress and flower clip :)

It's getting dark and almost time for the fireworks display!

So glad our camera was able to capture the fireworks ;)

Love this shot!

Resort guests, locals and other visitors can enjoy watching this
free fireworks display on Waikiki Beach right by the Rainbow Tower ;)

If you're planning a Hawaiian holiday just make sure you're there on a Friday to catch the fireworks display :)

Happy New Year everyone! :)


  1. We missed that one.. nice pictures!!! We need to plan our next family trip soon! Unless one of our friend's confirms a wedding date!!!!

  2. Yes, it was beautiful! Wish you guys were still there then. Anyway, let's start planning our next family trip. Wouldn't hurt to start thinking about options this early :)