Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Our Christmas Tree

     Before mid November set in, I made sure our Christmas tree was up. I knew the girls would want to help decorate it - especially since this year Natalie was already walking and moving around and about. Best of all, she loved doing things with her big sis so decorating the tree was something I knew they would enjoy together.
For about two weeks, our tree only had decors on the lower portion. As you can see, this is only up to the level where both Natalie and Audrey could reach :) They were so excited to put the silver and blue Christmas balls and the random placement was pretty cute ;)

     By December I wanted to add more decor to the tree. And since I don't really like frilly decorations around the house, I had to come up with a creative yet simple and modern way to jazz up the tree. 
    Thanks to the internet, I found some really great ideas to help me out! :) (can't take all the credit! I'm a busy working mom and my brain cells are needed for work and playtime activities! haha!). When I saw a tree online decorated with just different colored Christmas balls and lights, and nothing else really (which is more my style!), I got excited! :) So I decided to get Christmas balls in rainbow colors (plus pink!) for our tree ;)
My little elves went back to work and helped me complete my Rainbow Christmas Tree! Since most of the balls were on sale when I got them, they didn't come with a string for hanging and I had to make one for each (you get what you pay for! hehe). So when I would complete a set of colors, Audrey and Natalie would help me by bringing them in their mini grocery cart! :) They had so much fun and so did I! ;)

     Before I finished the tree though, the girls already left me and went in to rest haha! All of that toddler energy was used up pretty well shuttling the decor back and forth (combined with playing in the room) ;) And so when I was finally done, I called them and I was so happy to hear Audrey's big "Wow! our rainbow tree is ready!" :) My husband then got to work putting on the lights for the final touch! Thanks Dada! :) 
     It was an awesome day decorating the tree with everyone in my family! :)

    Happy Holidays! :) 

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