Sunday, December 29, 2013

Wet n' Wild Water World

     Theme Park No. 2 on our Gold Coast Holiday was Wet n' Wild water park. I couldn't wait to take the girls swimming in Buccaneer Bay, a pirate themed kids' area which had shallow pools, fountains and playgrounds. I was also looking forward to riding the Tornado again with my husband - a ride which takes you down a tunnel and spins you around in a giant funnel! Crazy but fun! :P

Audrey was all ready to go swimming!

She was obviously excited :)

Now I don't know who she was hosing down here...hehe!

Buccaneer Bay
This little one loves playing in the water
The Pats (Pat and Patty) were with us and they were our babysitters while my husband and I went on some rides! :) Ah, freedom! hahahaha! Thanks again Pats! ;)

Rode the Black Hole - a pitch black tunnel ride that surprises you with every twist, turn and drop. It was pretty fun! But not as scary as the Aqua Loop which Jonsy and Pat rode while I stayed with the girls and Patty
At the Tornado 

After swim time is snack time!!

Happy Natalie after a few hours of water fun! :)

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