Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fun in the Snow

      Last week we checked out the Snow Playground at SM Aura while Mama met up with her girlfriends at Shine Cafe nearby. I have to admit, when Mom told me about the snow - I didn't like it at all (even after watching Frozen!). All I could think about was how cold it will be! Brrrrr! But when I got there, I changed my mind right away! :) Especially after seeing the Hello Kitty boots that they let me wear hehe.
Mom actually brought my boots but I couldn't resist these pink ones!
Ninong Pat kept me company at first, and we had the Snow Playground all to ourselves until a group of kids
came a little later. Good thing they have so many toys and shovels for everyone to use! :)

Mama joined me a couple of minutes later - we only had a total of 30 minutes of Snow Play. And by the way, I forgot all about the cold! It didn't feel that cold at all (except maybe a little bit on my toes!) 
Natalie would join us from time to time but didn't really want Mama to let her go on the snow so I guess she's officially a beach babe! She loves the sand and the beach and she isn't that crazy about ice :S

I really enjoyed playing in the snow! :) Mom and I tried to make Olaf the snowman but I told her we forgot to bring a carrot for his nose! Plus the ice is so cold on bare fingers so we couldn't make it big enough or round enough haha!
I think wearing gloves when building a snowman would be a good idea ;)

Natalie and I also had fun playing by the glass window at Shine ;) 

Took photos with Tita Patty too and Mama loves this "Roar" picture!
Mama had snacks and talk time with the girls! I was so amazed at Tita Rica's tummy
and kept touching Baby Philip :) He came out the next day! hehe! 

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