Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Parenting is a Calling

    While motherhood is something that I thoroughly enjoy – the laughter, the surprises, the privilege, and the sweetness of it – there are times when I also ask myself how much more stress I can handle. I'm a hands on mom and a working mom at the same time - and this can be very difficult to balance.
    I often find myself enjoying playtime with my girls and at the same time worrying whether I will finish my work deadline for the day and wondering how many hours of sleep I will get at night. Or I try to sneak in some work during my daytime hours but will get interrupted not once or twice, but several times to attend to the girls' needs and wants. 
     Being a parent can be very inconvenient not just at times, but many MANY times. And there come moments when I don’t know how much more poop washing, putting to sleep, feeding, crying, and fussiness I can actually take (I've noticed these thoughts come at times when I am super stressed, lacking sleep and barely able to stop and rest - go figure :S). 
     Oh! But I still don’t plan on giving up. NO WAY. And if you’re a parent just like me, I hope neither would you. Yes this is just a season, as all things are – but there’s a greater purpose to it all. I had just come across this book by Gary Thomas and although I have barely read a chapter, it opened my eyes to what parenting is really all about. 

     “Having kids isn’t about us – it’s about Him. 
We are called to bear and raise children for the glory of God.

     I love that it reminded me that parenting is not all about me or about my children - parenting has a deeper purpose and meaning than just raising kids so they can become good human beings with great achievements. It is so much more than that. It's about bringing honor and glory to the One who made us by molding and shaping lives that make a difference to those around them. It's about modeling love and compassion to them so they too can show love and compassion to those in need. It's about attending to your children's needs before yours so they can learn to put others above themselves. 

And when we don’t understand the purpose of parenting, 
the process becomes tedious.”

     It's like having plans but no goals. It's like working on a project and not knowing the purpose for it or having a desired outcome. When you know the purpose for something, then it becomes significant and important, instead of wearisome. And this is how parenting is. When we don't really know why we have to keep doing things repeatedly day in and day out, we lose sight of its significance. We become tired of adhering to a certain standard - usually, a standard that we place on ourselves.

     But when we start seeing the greater purpose of parenting, then all the little inconveniences become easier to handle and everything that we do starts to have better meaning.

Quotes from Sacred Parenting: How Raising Children Shapes Our Souls 

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