Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Paper House

     Sometimes I think of Arts & Crafts activities for Audrey on my own (or try to unearth ideas from my memory bank dating back to grade school! Yeah right. No really, I do haha!), but there are times when I need a little bit of help :) I usually look online for ideas and inspirations, but last summer I finally decided to get some books to make my life easier on those days when I can't seem to get my creative juices flowing!
      For this activity, we chose to do the Paper House from The Little Hands Art Book (Little Hands!)

We gathered our Materials:
2 sheets of Construction Paper, preferably in contrasting colors
An old magazine and cookie box (or your photos if you want to be part of the art!)
Child safety scissors (and one for me so I could cut the more intricate shapes)
Glue or paste
Markers or colored pencils

1. Put the 2 sheets of paper on top of each other.
2. Cut them in the shape of a house (we folded ours in half then folded in the corners to create a diagonal line for us to follow and cut easily).
3. Cut out windows and the front door from the top sheet only (we folded our paper again to make cutting out the windows easier). I let Audrey cut the lines for the 2 top windows so she was able to practice using her scissors ;) 
4. Cut out pictures of people's faces, animals, plants and flowers from old magazines, photos - or in our case, the cookie box.
5. Glue the 2 sheets of paper together.
6. Glue the cut out pictures in the windows and doorway of the house. Add some plants and flowers as well.

7. Use the markers or colored pencils to put in the details such as window shutters, door design, bricks and roof of the house. 

Go ahead and let your toddler draw and doodle and design her little house! :)

The finished Paper House displayed on our shelf ;)

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