Sunday, January 19, 2014

Warner Bros. Movie World

   Thanks to the VIP Pass from , we got to visit 3 theme parks for a reasonable price! If you're visiting the Gold Coast, this is well worth buying because it'll save you a lot of money.
   Theme Park No. 3 was Warner Bros. Movie World! And although I ended up basically spending most of my time in the WB Kids area, I didn't mind at all. I was all for fun minus the dizziness! (I sound like an old fuddy duddy, what hahaha! just being realistic here :D). We were able to take lots of fun photos and you can check them out below.

There were a lot of roller coaster rides and a parade of some famous comic characters like Batman, Green Lantern and The Flash
This is the Green Lantern ride which my husband said was pretty fun!

WB Kids! The boys brought the girls here while they rode the manly rides haha!

Just posing! (Didn't get to ride this one - although I wanted to hehehe)

The sisters with Daffy Duck in the background

At the Carousel ride with Audrey

Audrey drove this taxi all by herself! ;) (Well, I wasn't allowed in there hahaha!)
She had fun and didn't mind being alone in the ride. Wow, independent! hehe

Proud mama hahaha
The Looney Gardens (it offered a great background for pics!)
Went on a train ride with their Tita Patty!
That's all folks!
Almost closing time...Playing with shadows!
Had some yummy ice cream from Ben & Jerry's before going home ;9
Another family fun day at the Gold Coast! ;)

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