Monday, January 13, 2014


     I really love writing and I wish I could do it more often. It’s sort of my therapy especially after a long day of looking after my loved ones’ needs and working in between and beyond. Now writing is a luxury – much like a day at the spa. It will cost me time just to get an opportunity to unwind and loosen up.
    I’m the type of person who wrote in journals when I was younger. I liked the feeling of being able to write my thoughts down and being able to express myself without being judged. And sometimes when I go back to what I wrote previously, it helps me understand myself better - why I felt a certain way or what I need to improve on.
    For me writing is kind of like talking - but without bothering anyone who doesn’t want to be bothered (haha!) or being interrupted mid sentence. You can just go on and on until you feel that everything that needed to be said has been said. Writing makes you feel lighter and able to take on the next thing that’s coming.
    And when I get a chance to go back and read some of the things that I’ve written, it makes for good memories too.
    It’s a stress reliever, a burden lifter and a memory keeper.
    You should try it too :)