Thursday, February 6, 2014

Beach Hopping in the Gold Coast

    What do beach lovers do when they visit the Gold Coast? Go beach hopping of course! :) Here are the beaches we visited during our stay and how each is special in its own way.

Coolangatta Beach

This beach is so photogenic that even if I took this photo with just a point and shoot camera,
this scene looks like something you would see on a postcard.
We took photos by the beach and hung out at the playground for a bit. The wind was too chilly and we didn't
really prepare for swimming that day. We visited this beach out of a whim and we're glad we did.


Broadbeach still remains to be my favorite beach on the coast. I liked it when I first
visited the Gold Coast with my husband and I still liked it when we brought our
girls here. It's just more accessible and quiet. Great for families like us :)

These photos show 2 views of Broadbeach:
With Audrey and the buildings behind,
and with Natalie and the ocean

Audrey loves it here too

Natalie's a born beach babe so she enjoyed it here a lot

Broadbeach is one of the less crowded beaches

It's also in close proximity to the Oasis Shopping Centre which had several restaurants, minus the touristy crowds.
I love the modern buildings that you see within the vicinity of Broadbeach 

Main Beach

Main Beach was quiet and the shore seemed a bit narrower than that of Broadbeach
We enjoyed our time here and laid out our beach mat and built sandcastles as usual

As long as we're at the beach, no matter where, these girls are just all smiles
(that includes me!)

Surfer's Paradise

Surfer's Paradise is a popular tourist area so it came as no surprise that the beach here
would be the most crowded as compared to all the other beaches along the Gold Coast

When at the beach, whether crowded or not, Audrey got down to business -
The business of Building Sandcastles!

And I did what I always do - enjoy time with my family and take lots of pictures! :)

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