Thursday, February 20, 2014

Good Finds: Kids' Books

       Reading books are a part of our usual activities at home. And since I wanted the girls to hear new stories and see some new illustrations, I decided to check out Book Sale in the mall. The trip turned out to be a success! ;) At first it didn't seem likely that I would find the children's books that I was hoping to get. But amidst the novels and old travel magazines, I found about a dozen children's books that I wanted to buy. My husband had to stop me and remind me that we can always come back hehe.
     What's great about these finds is that their price range was from 20 bucks to 125, which is already the most expensive. I was happy with the books and even happier that I got a dozen for the price of one book in a regular bookstore. The only downside to getting books on sale was that they were a bit dusty and made my hand itch ;S But thanks to the baby wipes in my bag this problem was solved. 
       Here are some of our favorites from our latest finds.

This was the most expensive book on sale but only probably because it had a hard cover. This big book about an
Incy Wincy Spider (but not the familiar song that we know) is very entertaining because of its rhyming text,
colorful illustrations and the texture of the silver silk web which runs through every page.

       Other great finds include Is Your Mama a LLama? which has riddles about different animals and descriptions about their behavior and characteristics. The rhyming text was easy to read and remember.
      We also enjoy singing to Old MacDonald Had a Farm, a popular nursery song. Natalie loves the colorful photos of the animals and can make their sounds whenever she sees them. Audrey fills in the animal sounds alternately with me so we have fun interacting. The book also has suggestions at the end as to how you can make reading the book more interesting and educational.

        Earthsong is a book about endangered animals which also teaches counting. We learn about animals like the Bengal Tiger, the Asiatic Lion in the Gujarati Forest, the Black-Footed Ferrets, the Sun Conure and Gila Monster (which Audrey calls a 'butikeek' since it is actually a desert lizard) which are slowly being pushed to extinction. I like that this book sparks Audrey's interest about other types of animals and that we can talk about taking care of the earth and all the animals in it so we can preserve what God had made.

         Who Did It? is our break from reading text. It's just a fun workbook where Audrey identifies who did what and where the things in the list are within the illustrations. 

          These books are just some of our current favorites but we actually have more. I just can't wait to go on another book shopping trip for the girls again!!! haha! :) 

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