Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Birthday Weekend

     I just celebrated my birthday last Friday and as always I had lots of fun, thanks to my husband and family :) When it comes to birthdays, I love to plan creative stuff - at least for my kids. I think of their party themes, color motifs, the menu... but since I'm quite busy, my own celebration isn't quite as decorated as theirs but can be quite creative too. Let's just say that it's a mini version of their party but with a smaller guest list limited to mostly family. And it doesn't just happen all in one day ;)

     So how does a mom of two celebrate her birthday weekend? Let me count the ways I did it this year...

1. Pre-Birthday Shopping

    When my sis-in-law Patty asked me if I wanted to go shopping with her at Vero Moda in the new SM Megamall Fashion Hall, I immediately checked my sched and made sure I would be able to go, haha! Besides, any perpetually busy work-at-home-mom would gladly say yes to this invitation! It was just a matter of strategic planning. Megamall isn't exactly near where I live and I had to bring the girls along so once we got everything in order, it was a go, go, go! :)

I totally loved my new outfits! :) Audrey was a bit sad though in our pic because 
she wasn't able to go shopping here hehehe (just kidding!)

We also had tapas and the best churros with hot chocolate at Boqueria! Really enjoyed our girls' day out! ;)
2. Birthday Pampering

    When I was thinking of what to do to celebrate my birthday with my family this year, I knew that I wanted to do something that was both fun and relaxing. Coco Nail Studio was the ideal venue for my very small spa party with my mom and sisters. I love their cozy ambiance, and they offered services not just for your fingers and toes but chair massages as well. They also help you setup a pica pica and dessert table for your celebration. Perfect. 

Everything about Coco Nail Studio is relaxing and easy.
They ordered the canapes for me, provided some snacks and tea,
and helped me set up the table before we started our mini party.

My little guests had fun at the spa party too - from the play area to the kiddie foot spa!
(no foot scrubbing! just the bubblies in a basin of warm water 
J )
Natalie though had to do her own foot massage because there were no baby massages here hehe!
(would have been care of mommy but I was busy with my pedi and foot massage! shucks)

3. Eating

    Celebrating one's birthday (particularly mine) isn't complete without eating! haha! We ate out with my family right after our pampering session at Coco Nail Studio at a Filipino restaurant next door. 

We didn't really get to take pics of everyone during dinner (too busy eating!),
but was able to take a couple of photos of the kiddos! ;) A very good friend
of mine from college (and visiting from Cambodia) also dropped by
and it was a welcome surprise!

    During the weekend, we also had a Japanese feast with my in-laws at Sensei Sushi in BF Homes. I love their sushi and creative dishes so it was a nice way to cap off my birthday celebration.

4. Exercising

    Hwat?!! Haha, yeah I know :P This isn't probably the usual way you celebrate your birthday, and it isn't usually mine either but it just happened to be squeezed in between my birthday celebrations haha! Actually, I really wanted to attend this Pilates session because I needed to burn everything I ate for my birthday hehehe! I felt that I needed to require myself to exercise post birthday - for my own good and well being (and to get rid of the food guilt hehe!)

Ever since Patty invited me to attend Pilates classes starting with Core Suspend 
(flashback photo in black and white hehe) at Options Studio Fort,
I've been going back. The Stability Chair workout last Saturday was definitely
a great way to burn the calories from my birthday cake!!! :D 


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