Monday, February 24, 2014

Q1 Tower Skypoint

       If you are ever heading to the Gold Coast, one of the things that you must absolutely do is go up the Skypoint Observation Deck at the Q1 Tower in Surfer's Paradise. It has a 360 degree view of the Gold Coast and it is just breathtaking! I would advise you to check the weather report on the day that you visit though because you would want to be there on a bright and sunny day to be able to see everything clearly and take great pictures ;)

The Q1 Tower Building is one of the tallest towers in the Gold Coast.
It is actually taller than the Chrysler Building (one of my favorites) in New York.

Skypoint Observation Deck is on the 77th level and is accessed through one of the world's fastest elevators.
It'll only take you about 42 seconds to get up there from the ground level.

One of the spectacular views from Skypoint

You can also climb 298 steps up to the summit of Q1 Tower.
It is Australia's highest external building climb.

Little Natalie loved looking at the view!

Audrey happily posing for pictures while Natalie is all relaxed and chillin' :) (and barefoot! haha!)

We had breakfast at the Seventy7 Cafe at Skypoint

Sisters' Photo Op!

Love Natalie's pose! ;)

It was a beautiful sunny morning when we we were there so we really enjoyed the view!

We stayed at the Observation Deck for quite a while just basking in the very scenic Gold Coast region and the beach. Skypoint is also the only beachside observation deck in all of Australia.

This is my favorite shot of the girls taken with just my phone :)

    The next time I go here I will make sure to get the Day & Night ticket so I can check out the view at night as well! ;)

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